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David Domoney's FREE guide to planting spring flower bulbs - Download Now!

Download your free PDF guide to planting spring bulbs here!

It contains step-by-step advice on planting spring bulbs, including top tips on creating a stunning display and making the most of your bulbs.

Plant all flower bulbs like a pro, including:

  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Hyacinths
  • Alliums
  • Muscari
  • Amaryllis


Download the guide now >


This guide is designed to accompany my new range of spring bulbs exclusively at John Lewis! I have hand-picked these bulb collections specially to help you achieve designer flower show-style results in your own garden.

It removes the hassle of mixing and matching individual bulbs by choosing the best varieties and combinations for a great display of spring colour.

My Guide to Planting Your Bulbs shows you how to plant beautiful displays in both borders and containers, including tips on creating contrast and harmony.

I also reveal my expert advice on caring for bulbs after they flower to ensure a great display year after year.


Full guide contents

1 Introduction to spring bulbs

2 The bulbs in my John Lewis collection

3 Bulb planting tips

4 How to plant bulbs

– Includes general bulb planting advice, planting bulbs in pots, how to naturalise bulbs and my Top Tip!

5 How to plant bulbs

– Includes how to plant tulips and how to plant a lasagne container

6 How to grow bulbs indoors

– Includes how to plant amaryllis and tips on forcing bulbs


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Bulb Box Collection: David Domoney for John Lewis spring bulbs - shop now

Bulb Crate Collection


Amaryllis Collection


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