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30 June – 5 July 2015

Hampton Court Palace. Anthony Shaw/Shutterstock.com

Hampton Court Palace. Anthony Shaw/Shutterstock.com

Going to Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year? Get my free and exclusive insider’s guide!

I’ll show you what to see and do, and how to make the most of your trip.

2015 is a special year to attend the show because it’s the 25th anniversary celebrations. So that’s extra Pimm’s all around!

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the world’s largest annual flower event, and one of the most prestigious too. Get help planning your visit and make sure you don’t miss anything with this free guide!


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What to see and do

Plan your visit with my handy guide to the show. I list my top 10 things to see and do during the show.

Read a rundown of the show garden design highlights, as well as events and entertainment for the 25th anniversary celebrations.

I also reveal my top tips for exploring the gardens and buying from plant displays. Get ideas, inspiration and new plants, or just get garden envy!

The Celebrity Theatre

I have also included a programme for the RHS Celebrity Theatre, featuring talks from the nation’s favourite gardeners and TV presenters.

I’ll be on stage alongside Diarmuid Gavin, John Craven, Toby Buckland, Charlie Dimmock, Simon King, Christine Walkden, Pippa Greenwood and Jim Buttress.

Find out who is speaking live on which days, and come along for our best advice on gardening and wildlife.

How to get there

I’ve also included a practical section on getting to the show, including transport and parking.

Plus there are tips on using the cloakroom and plant porters, as well as tips on where to eat and drink.

It’s a true insider’s guide to the show – and it’s free!


The full guide includes:


  • Fun facts about the show
  • My top 10 things to see and do
  • The show garden design highlights
  • Events for the 25th anniversary celebrations
  • Flower and plant buying tips
  • Food and drink recommendations
  • Travel tips and arrangements, including parking
  • Practical and ticket information
  • A programme for the gardening talks on the Celebrity Theatre


Download guide now >


Don’t miss out – download the guide now!

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