Christmas gifts for nature lovers

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Find the purrrrrfect gifts for the wildlife lovers in your family this Christmas.

For all those wildlife and nature lovers out there, here are my favourite wildlife-related gift ideas to get you started on the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift. These presents are not only unique ideas for your friends and family but will help the incredible charities to save, nurture and protect our wonderful wildlife.

Butterfly house

Provide a safe haven for butterflies with this hanging habitat. Made with a woven bamboo finish, it will make an attractive feature in your garden and will give nature a home.


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Swarovski brooch

This stunning gold plated brooch, set with 53 Austrian crystals, will both help support the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and add some sparkle with to your Christmas day attire.


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Hedgehog address book

This pretty address book features one of my favourite mammals on the front, the hedgehog, with a lovely leaf print on the inside and plenty of space for addresses of your friends & family.


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Kingfisher sculpture

RSPB have partnered with Tilnar Art to bring you this fantastic Kingfisher sculpture. With a catch in his mouth, this bird definitely lives up to its name! Handmade from recycled oil drums.


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Bat box & seeds

This protected species will love this bat box & attractor seed pack. Includes a special native wildflower seed mix to attract insects for bats and a colourful, informative bat guide.


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Project aware t-shirt

Project AWARE works internationally to protect sharks and rays and address the marine debris issue. Help support their work by purchasing a super-soft organic cotton Kid’s t-shirt.


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Bird bath

Birds will absolutely love to splash and drink from this rustic leaf-shaped bath. What’s more, this beautiful cast-iron bird bath can also be used for ornamental display or to hold bird seed.


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Hedgehog home

This cleverly designed hedgehog home is the perfect hibernating hideaway for these creatures. Made from recycled plastic and FSC wood, it’s been checked by hedgehog carers for suitability.


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Rosie’s bug box

A unique, real, functioning wildlife habitat, specifically designed for children and to attract beneficial insects to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of plant pollination and pest control.


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Bat detector

Discover the world of bats. This brilliant hand-held bat detector converts bats’ inaudible ultra-sonic sounds to frequencies in the range of human hearing and has a built-in torch for convenience.


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Springwatch mobile kit

This kit contains all you need to make an eye-catching British butterfly mobile from laser-cut wooden shapes. Learn about the different species and colour their wings before hanging them up.


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Frog ramp

Developed to help frogs, toads and other amphibians escape from potential traps such as ponds, cattle grids or drains, the ramp consists of two metal strips perforated with square footholds.


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Pollinating bee log

This attractive timber log, with natural bark, provides good insulation to the developing larvae inside the tubes and means you do not need to move the log indoors during winter.


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Teapot nester

Robins prefer open nesting sites and often utilise man-made objects like open boxes, kettles and traditional teapots. This delightful nester is easy to install and will attract a variety of birds.


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Frog & toad shelter

Ideal for frogs, toads and even newts, this habitat is hand-made in frost-resistant ceramic with a green decorative glaze roof for location near a pond or damp area in a quiet, shaded position.


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Robin tote bag

This stylish tote features a festive robin elegantly visualised from the branches of trees. Printed on 100% organic cotton, purchases of this charming accessory will go towards The Wildlife Trust


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Assorted sunflower feed

A great stocking filler: Food and feeder are combined in this handy silo that is filled with sunflower seeds and can be immediately put to use – just hang it straight up in your garden for the birds.


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Pine cone feeder

Simply put several servings of seeds of your choice on the pods. Hang bird feeding station from a hook, tree branch or shrub, using the chain, and have birds flocking to your garden!


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