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The Celebrity Theatre at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, sponsored by Everest, is a great place to raise awareness of the good causes supported by our celebrity guest speakers.

This year Carol Klein, Bill Oddie and Julia Bradbury have each nominated a charity to receive a generous donation from the theatre’s sponsor, Everest. They chose Mesothelioma UK, the Woodland Trust, and Mend our Mountains (respectively). My challenge has been to design and build three garden displays that represent the spirit of these marvellous organisations and the incredible work that they do. See below for photos and descriptions of each display and an explanation of the thinking behind each one. Vote for your favourite design and the associated charity will receive an enhanced donation.

Carol Klein’s Choice: Mesothelioma UK

An ornamental front garden with contrasting sides, this design reflects the support that Mesothelioma UK brings to those suffering from asbestos-related cancer, especially those in the merchant navy.

On one side, a single border brimming with lush planting represents life before disease. On the other side, a propeller water feature resembles the fluidity of life and the sea. A sweeping porcelain Pavestone path in stark white invites the onlooker to take a journey between the two sides. Vote for this garden here.

Mesothelioma UK logo

Bill Oddie’s Choice: The Woodland Trust

This vibrant front garden invites the onlooker to take a stroll along its bark chip path as if on a meandering journey through woodland.

Clusters of birch trees are complimented by the subtle under-planting of ferns, while glimmers of sunshine stream through the tree branches to ignite the wildflowers beneath. Vote for this garden here.

Woodland Trust Logo

Julia Bradbury’s Choice: Men Our Mountains

Hard, rugged, and dominated by chunks of rough-hewn granite, this display is evocative of rocky mountainsides. Pockets of planting in and amongst the stones are surrounded by chip-slate, and an Al Fresco porcelain Pavestone path in the blue-purple of natural slate continues the craggy mountain theme.

The whole garden has a hard, rocky feel, softened by alpine plants, which is highly reminiscent of the beauty and majesty of mountains. Vote for this garden here.

Mend our Mountains

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