70L Tumbling Compost Bin Tumbler with Easy-Turn


Material Alloy Steel, Plastic, Metal
Colour Green
Brand SQUEEZE master
Capacity 70 litres
Product dimensions 65L x 47W x 85H centimetres
Shape Hexagonal
null 3 Years
  • Tumbling design makes mixing easy and efficient. Just close the door and turn it 5-6 times every 2-3 days. In hot sunny conditions and with a proper balance of ingredients the compost can finish in as little as 4-6 weeks
  • Our composter is not sealed and the divider inside will fit securely but perfectly so that the best aeration is achieved for effective composting. So that organic waste can be decomposed without agglomeration. Which helps make the best compost for you
  • Composter bin is made from weatherproof and UV-resistant materials. The metal legs guarantee a secure stand in the garden or on the balcony. With a lightweight design of only 6.8 kg , the composter can be quickly and easily moved or transported
  • 70L capacity, you can put in: eggshells, coffee grinds, palm fronds, leaves, lawn cutting ,or others fruit and vegetable waste. Perfectly suited for your garden and for people not wanting to mix the organic waste in their traditional compost bin
  • Heavy duty all-season construction for year-round composting.

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Product Description


140L-Green slied door




Sliding door

Makes it easier and faster to put in fresh fertilizer and remove mature fertilizer.

Outstanding aeration

There are multiple vent holes in the body for oxygen input, making composting faster and more effective.

360° tumbling design

Rotate the tumbler bin body once a few days to make the fertilizer mix evenly and ferment more efficiently.


Lock the rotation when you don’t need it to rotate.

Additional information

Weight 6.54 kg
Dimensions 47 × 85 cm
Product Dimensions

‎65 x 47 x 85 cm; 6.54 Kilograms

Part number


Material type

‎Alloy Steel, Plastic, Metal


‎70 litres

Manufacturer reference




Date First Available

23 Feb. 2021


‎SQUEEZE master


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