Aicevoos Soil PH Tester 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Temperature/PH Tester Soil Moisture Meter, Plant Moisture Meter, Plant Watering


  • 🌱 3 in 1 moisture meters – This is a three in one multifunctional soil tester, our plant moisture meter can quickly measure soil moisture, pH and temperature to help you take better care of your plants and flowers.
  • 🌱 Large LCD Display – The plant watering indicator uses a large screen and backlight for easy display and reading of digital parameters in daylight or dark, uses AAA1.5V * 2 batteries (not included), it will alert when the battery is low.
  • 🌱 Fast and accurate measurement – The latest probe detection technology can quickly and accurately measure the PH, moisture and temperature in the soil, allowing you to know when to water, easily control the PH, temperature and acidity, better and more scientific cultivation of plants.
  • 🌱 Easy to use – Just insert the probe into the soil about 10cm (4 inches), wait 10 seconds to read the intuitive data, and you will get the accurate and precise measurement immediately, just take the probe out of the soil and wipe it clean after use. (Do not put the probe into too dry hard soil when measuring, it may damage the meter).
  • 🌱 Wide application – It can be used both indoor and outdoor. This soil moisture sensor can be used for your garden, farm, potted plants, etc. We are committed to providing our customers with satisfactory service. If you are not satisfied with the product in any way, please contact us.

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Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 cm
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‎12 x 3 x 3 cm; 190 Grams

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‎Battery Powered

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11 April 2023




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    Mark Twain

    I’m very happy with this beautifully simple no nonsense PH tester. Just make sure you don’t wound the prod pushing it into hard dried soil. the reading of PH will vacillate a bit but after two or three minutes it will settle down – never completely stops but more or less slows down and that will be the reading.The seller was patient with me – I was a little frustrated and wasn’t sure on how to use it, but honestly nothing works as actually doing the tests yourself and seeing how the meter behaves – you’ll understand how it works. the moisture and temperature reading is easier, less changeable.

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    the probe is good and works well, the probe tube is a little chunky so you may want to have it for bigger plant pots

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    D. Clarke

    This is a very useful tool for getting good information about your current soil condition when combined with knowledge of the needs for specific plants.The PH reading gives you information about how acid or alkaline your soil is, the temperature probe can give you a good idea of what temperature the root are at, rather than surface temperatures which may differ significantly. The Soil moisture reading gives you a relative humidity value letting you know whether your plants have too much, too little or just enough water. Apart from the temperature, this give good information on how you need to treat your plants to get the best result.You do of course have to find out what the ideal parameters are for your plants.

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    L. H. Healy

    I’ve often struggled with growing plants. I always seem to over water or under water them. This device can help with that. I can check whether they are too dry at the roots or not.That said, it isn’t the easiest to use. It tells me the humidity level which is useful if you understand what it should be. The instructions could be far more useful here. The ph level tells you if it’s acid or alkali which is useful if you want to try growing acid loving plants and have an alkali soil.When using the probe it does constantly adjust the readings. It would be helpful if it took a reading a ‘locked’ but I guess then you could end up with a false reading so I can’t complain about this too much.Overall it’s genuinely useful, you just might need the help of the internet to know what it’s telling you.

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    John Thomas

    I did have the experience using PH tester but that’s made foe lab use. No problem to test water but the probe was not good for soil.The Aicevoos 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Temperature/PH Tester is a great combination of most useful paremeters to help better care of my plants and flowers. I compared the measurements with those from the calibrated lab instrument and there exist negligible difference.So it’s well made, and accurate to do the job nicely. It’s easy to use. I would suggest you test abbot 10-20cm down into the soil. The problem with my garden is the soil varies a lot hence this tester is really a great helper. I’m now much more confident to make my garden better.It’s on the expensive end but worth the money,

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    Mike J

    Great little gadget that i would guess is invaluable if you are growing sensitive plants, but i’m not yet a keen grower. Seems nicely made and takes AAA batteries. My reason for four stars is that supplier confirmed only splash proof not waterproof, which it seems like it should be. Nice, easy to read backlit display. Hard to comment on or confirm its accuracy.

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    I had a similar but cheaper product last year which recently broke so this is a timely replacement . On the positive side the build on this is much better and looks like it will last. However the old one had a simple dry/moist/wet scale . This measures %RH (Relative humidity?) . All very well but what should I be aiming for? I tried it with my container tomatoes this morning (which invariably have thick or split skins-sometimes both), after 2 days without water they looked pretty dry and the reading was 25%. After watering it was 45%-the tip came up wet. So I’m guessing somewhere in between is optimum? Some guidance on this would be appreciated but there is nothing in the instructions. Of course temp and PH are easily obtained but most will buy this for the moisture measure. Surely a bit more of an explanation would not be too much to ask at the price.

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    Spent the weekend nurturing my indoor garden, and this little device came handy. Inserted the probe into the soil, the digits popped up within seconds. The figures were clear, even with dim lighting. It was efficient in measuring the essentials, giving my plants just what they needed. Kept it away from dry, hardened ground to avoid damage. Used it both on my balcony garden and indoor potted greens. Remembered to clean it after each use.

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     I guess I didn’t like the realtime numbers flickering too quickly, this must be quite accurate though which is great, it has a split second accuracy, numbers keep changing fast, but gives you a rough idea where it is. I like how easy it is to use, I didn’t like how it needs 2x AAA batteries, was expecting it to be these days rechargeable with a usb-c cable, but at least it came with 2 batteries.Was easy to use, put the batteries in, just plug it in the soil, without the rubber seal on the end, then turn it on, select mode to switch between PH balance, Humidity detection, and temperature adjust, holding the button on the temperature mode changes between oC and oF. Then turn it off, pull it out, and wipe clean with a dry cloth.I did all this without looking at the manual, just goes to show how easy it is to use. Used it for indoor plants, the humidity should be 60-80% in door plants, the ideal level, but I guess that would also depend on the plant, in the summer humidity drops in % faster than winter.PH level should be about 6.5 so it can absorb all the nutrients. Temperature should be for indoor plants should be 70-80oF during the day and at night 65-70-oF that’s 21-26oC during day and at night 18-21oC. This also may vary from special kinds of plants.I took a star off because the length is too short, thought it was longer.

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    This probe is very sturdy and quite expensive but well made and easily goes into the ground even in hard soil. The pH level measured is very accurate and the number moves around somewhat instead of ‘locking’ but it allows you to determine the soil composition which is useful for plant types and optimal growth. RH is also measured which allows you to understand how moist the plants roots are. A useful tool for any keen gardener.

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