Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go – Portable Barbecue Grill with TRU-Infrared Technology, Grey | Cast Aluminium


Product dimensions 15.7D x 23.7W x 13.6H centimetres
Special feature Adjustable Grill Height
Colour Silver
Fuel type Gas

  • TRU-Infrared Cooking System – cooks food evenly, with less flare-ups to give up to 50% juicier food and uses up to 30% less gas.
  • Stainless Steel Burner – strong, durable burners that are built to last
  • Electronic Igniter – lights up your grill at the push of a button.
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate – high quality and easy to clean
  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge – monitor the inside temperature of your grill.
  • Portable Propane Cylinder – powered by a portable 16.4 ounce disposable liquid propane cylinder (sold separately)
  • 2 Years Warranty – all parts including the burner.

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From the manufacturer

Portable Gas Grill


Grill2Go portable gas barbecue is the rugged, go anywhere grill that prevents flare-ups and cooks anything. With stainless steel burner and grates the Grill2Go will not disappoint. A roadworthy powerhouse with rugged construction and latching lid that doesn’t mind getting tossed around.

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Char-Broil’s patented heat technology

Barbecue juicier than ever with TRU-Infrared Technology

The core element of the patented TRU-Infrared Technology is the unique emitter plate. It distributes the heat evenly across the entire grate, ensuring that your barbecued food is up to 50% juicier. The efficient technology also reduces energy consumption, and its special construction makes the emitter plate, grate and firebox really easy to clean.

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Additional information

Weight 11.8 kg
Dimensions 23.7 × 13.58 cm
Part number


Product Dimensions

‎15.71 x 23.7 x 13.58 cm; 11.8 Kilograms


‎AA batteries required.

Item model number





‎Barbecue Grill


‎Aluminum, Stainless steel


‎Stainless Steel


‎2800 watts

Installation method

‎Free Standing

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

‎Adjustable Grill Height

Included Components

‎User Manual

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎11.8 kg



Date First Available

26 Sept. 2015




  1. blank

    Living on an Island

    Attractive throw in the truck & Go BBQ. Problem as many reviews stated gets far too hot. On the minimum setting reaches 300 c this totally scorches any seasoning off the grill bed. More of a burnt sacrifice than food. Following advice from reviewers I removed the bits to expose the burner and lit with regulator set to minimum, removed the sticker in centre of dial to expose hex drive bolt then inserted alan key and turned anti clockwise until it just supported a flame. Now it is enjoyable to use and can cook a full breakfast. BTW the budget De Buyer 20cm 1mm thick La Lyonnaise pan fits with the lid down to do the fried eggs. IMHO Char-broil have over specified the burner, much too powerful, like setting your car to tick over to stay under the speed limit. The expensive bag that’s an extra is fine for that grab & go. I have a 4×4 pick-up and the highest mountain in Portugal on this island so perfect for Tailgating and cooking up in the clouds.Would be 5 star if they fitted a more reserved burner.

  2. blank

    Daniel Jacob

    Really like this BBQ, it’s great for camping or a day at the beach or even a main BBQ at a push. There are a few things that stop it from being excellent, the first is that it burns too hot even at its lowest setting. I haven’t tried adjusting the regulator yet let someone has already mentioned. Another issue is how much it smokes, I’ve never seen anything like it! I also wish it had a higher tray like most BBQ for slower cooking or keeping warm. One last thing is the connection of the gas to BBQ is well dodge in my opinion.I don’t regret the buy but I need to do some work on it for it to be awesome!

  3. blank

    Ian B.

    Hi,I have seen a few reviews regarding the temperature bring too hot on lowest setting. When searing the grate i had a reading of 300 degrees on the lowest settingCan anyone show me how to reduce the temperature

  4. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Super looking bbq, and great for taking to the beach. But don’t try and cook burgers on it, they smoke like crazy!!!!!

  5. blank

    Amazon Customer

    This is a good bit of kit. Cooks well and a handy size. You will need a wire brush to clean it fully, the little tool that comes with it isn’t good enough to clean it properly but it does help. BBQ highly recommended. It’s a shame they don’t include the extender hose and this is expensive elsewhere. It’s easier to just make one yourself.

  6. blank


    I’m so glad I bought this for the campervan so easy to use and clean.

  7. blank


    First of all it came with a hinge pin missing and the ignition lead damaged.Was told to get in touch with char-broil but they do not respond to your emails, their customer service is zero.Ended up with a partial refund from Amazon and fixed it myself.The first time we used it it was brilliant, I don’t know how but the food seems juicier somehow.However the second time it was quite windy and these things DO NOT like wind. The flame kept going out but the gas keeps pumping, it hasn’t got a thermocouple so the gas doesn’t know that the flames gone out.In future we will use it in a sheltered place.

  8. blank


    This thing definitely kicks out and retains hear very well. I’ve used it so many times now over the last few weeks. Uses very little gas, I’ve had about 10 decent cook outs and only just used up 1 bottle of gas.It is well built, for the price point I can’t fault it at all.

  9. blank


    Hi bought this for fishing but the silly over expensive small gas bottles was not a option.Cut the regulator straight off fitted pipe and propane regulator- jubilee clips to a 11kg bottle of propane it will last months, turned regulator right down works a treat!Can’t wait to cook on it. Save yourself some money people get converting.

  10. blank

    dennis masters

    Works very well easy to clean gas valve takes a bit of getting used to use mine for overnight fishing perfect cook every meal on it

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