CosmoGrill Outdoor XL Smoker Barbecue Charcoal Portable BBQ Grill Garden


  • The CosmoGrill XL Charcoal Smoker Barbecue is the perfect outdoor companion for those intimate long weekends or family filled summer parties. Featuring a generously sized grilling area, there’s plenty of space to have over 10 burger patties and 10 sausages cooking at any time, as well as grilling or smoking whole baby chickens, wings, steaks, fish, brisket and much more.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The CosmoGrill temperature gauge enables you to cook to perfection. The chimney and adjustable air vents facilitate better flow of heat and smoke for that optimum flame grilled flavour. Height adjustable coal tray featuring a stainless steel handle with 4 settings accommodates the right amount of heat required.
  • MORE GRILLING CONTROL: Variable heat distribution around the grill enabling you to cook different meats and vegetables with different requirements at the same time. A stainless steel warming rack keeps the food warm once it’s cooked and a door at the front of the barbecue allows the easy movement of coal without having to touch the grill.
  • MADE WITH YOU IN MIND: Bottle opener and four hooks to hang utensils. Easy-to-clean with removable grill grates and ash pan.
  • STORAGE: Spacious but foldable side tables for easy storage and two castor wheels for easy transportation.

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Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 55 × 113.5 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎122.7 x 55 x 113.5 cm; 24 Kilograms


‎Powdered Steel & Plastic

Special Features

‎Height Adjustable Charcoal Tray, Controllable Vents, Removable Ash Tray, Side Tray Utensil Hooks

Item Weight

‎24 kg



Date First Available

26 July 2017




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    it took me aprox 3 hours to make this without help, very well labeled fixings and a great idea to be able to easily match the nuts etc with the instructions via the back of the fixing pack..Please note parts 26 and 27 are packed together, they look very similar but in face are slightly different, I did not notice so had to take the side off and replace the 26 with a matching one, same for other side..take your time and stop to think it will go well, leave all fixings slightly unscrewed until its all together and then tighten… would I recommend this YES.. it was well packed in a strong box and all in all i’m very pleased…..

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    Samuel Uwanikone

    This black nice looking Cosmo Grill Outdoor XL Smoker Barbecue Charcoal Stand, is real value for money, it is made of quality steel plated metal that absorbs heat and also has a chimney to exit smoke. It’s about 3 feet tall when assembled and has two adjustable trays on both sides and also has an underneath tray that collects ashes from the charcoal waste.I can assure you that it’s good value for money.

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    Overall good but note:1) The item arrived late, no way it would of arrived by the estimated date so why is it advertised as so? It did not use amazon shipping.2) back panel had a scratch3) adjusting handle will always fall and rest to the bottom position, this means you have about 6 discreet levels of adjustment, rather than full control of adjustment between the min and max.4) The BBQ is difficult to move as it lacks a handle on the sides. It should ideally have a handle to drag it in the opposite sides of the wheels.5) be careful with the torque used for the bolts some of the welds holding the nuts to the panels snapped free during assembly, they spin freely now which will be a problem if I ever need to deassemble it but should hold fine otherwise.6) bolts and nuts are exact, so if you lose one its an issue. I know its common for manufacturers to send one extra of each in case they had undercounted, one gets lost or a part needs replacing.7) would of happily paid a bit extra for cast iron grills, they are sold separately but it means I would have an extra set of steel ones (which seem good, cast iron is just better)

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    Sarah taylor

    Fantastic grill! I love it!Quite a construction job but I didn’t mind that.I did mind that one of the wheels was broken though!Every thing else was well packaged & protected in transit except got the wheels :/

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    Heather K.

    Hubby worried about putting it together however it was fine , took him couple hours – had BBQ straight away – worked perfectly and great size think it will serve us for a few years if we wrap it up in the winter- great price for the product

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    Mr C

    This takes a bit of time to assemble, and there is one point where the instructions don’t make it clear and you have to go back a step or two. When you get to fit the height adjusting handle, be aware that the internal part comes attached to the handle and needs to be disassembled and installed earlier than the actual handle. Aside from that, the construction was very easy.In use, the twin side trays with plenty of hanging hooks make it easy to manage the foods you’re about to cook as well as the ones you’re finishing off, while the warmer rack means you can keep things warm while you do the next batch. The height adjustable charcoal tray is just superb allowing you to increase or reduce the direct heat in just seconds. I’ve had loads of barbecues, but this is easily the best.

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    Aesthetics: Looks very nice.Assembly: All parts present and correct, no spares in the kit if you know what I mean. Straight forward construction, can be done quite easily by one person. Don’t forget to put a split pin in the handle that lifts / lowers the charcoal tray. The top chrome shelf side support screws could be a few millimetres shorter as they can snag on the shelf, if you tighten them right up the cinch may (like one of mine) break free from the sides. But not a disaster, it was easy to fix. Then I just backed them off a bit they don’t need to be fully tightened. The lid hinges need a little bit of fiddling to get the lid on straight before tightening.Cooking: Being able to raise & Lower the charcoal tray is a good touch. the Front door gives good access to rake the coals. Reasonable cooking width. The end shelves and hanging hooks for the cooking utensils are a bonus.As for cleaning, good access to the inner workings all round . I used bottom ash tray (when clean) as a ‘bowl’ to soak the 2 grill grids for a short while before cleaning them.All round I really like this Barbeque. Looks good works well and easy to clean.

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    Richard Palmer

    This takes a bit of time to assemble, but I found the instructions to be clear and easy to follow, with lots of diagrams showing how everything fits together. All the parts were present and clearly identified, and it had been well packaged, so nothing was damaged. If you can put an Ikea cabinet together, you’ll be fine. Once constructed it looks great, and feels sturdy and robust.As a BBQ it worked really well. The only thing was that after we had finished cooking the food there was still loads of heat left, and, with the lid closed, the gauge was showing over 250 degrees C. It seemed a shame to let that heat go to waste so my wife put some more food in (a pan of beans that she had been soaking overnight) closed the vents and the chimney and left it. 4 hours later the beans were perfectly cooked with a delicious mild smoky flavour.The ‘normal’ UK style of BBQ involves cooking over high heat for a short time. This can do that, and does it really well, but the adjustable height of the charcoal tray and degree of control over ventilation means this also works well for long and slow cooking / hot smoking. That’s new to me but something this BBQ is really good at so I’m looking forward to experimenting more. We’re going to get a lump of brisket and slow cook that next with some apple wood chips added to the coals.

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    Marcello Guttuso

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     As soon as I started unpacking its components, I got surprised by the overall material quality.They provide you all the screws and nuts in a practical blister package so you only get the ones you need without having them all around the place.The handle to adjust the height of the coal tray is very smooth to operate giving you a very accurate movement.Very recommended.

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