Garland Giant Garden Tray


  • Very heavy duty high quality garden tray from Garland In Black
  • 110cm long x 55cm wide by 4cm deep
  • Holds 25 litres – ideal for greenhouse benches
  • Many other uses around the home, garage and garden
  • Part of a large range of Garland trays to suit every application

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Product Description

The Giant Tray has proved popular when used by private and commercial gardeners alike as a large irrigation table for keeping a multitude of potted plants watered. The tray can be filled with grit or capillary matting if preferred. Its sheer size means that by simply filling the tray with a depth of water, a large number of plants can be watered in minimal time. The internal capacity is 25 Litres. A series of shallow horizontal ridges feature on the internal base of the tray which can aid drainage. The tray will fit perfectly on most greenhouse staging. Made from recycled polypropylene.

Box Contains

Garden Tray

Additional information

Weight 1.92 kg
Dimensions 55 × 110 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎4 x 55 x 110 cm; 1.92 Kilograms


‎Recycled polypropylene

Special Features

‎Heavy Duty

Item Weight

‎1.92 kg



Date First Available

4 Sept. 2007




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    Mr. B. M. Cooper

    I needed a tray for my wife’s grow house to catch water and debris from the plant pots inside. This was the perfect size and does the job

  2. blank

    Real Food

    Has a 4 cm tall lip which ensures all drips are captured without splashing everywhere. At 100cms length I use it as a base on which sits a 5 tier plant grow-greenhouse. The shorter lengths can be used as drip trays on individual tiers, if needed. This is not a flimsy thin plastic tray and will last ages. I also use another one as a staging tray. This allows me to re-pot, etc, keeping all compost and debris together inside the tray and when I’m finished, simply empty the contents into the green bin, wipe/wash clean!! It’s also useful as a water tray in which to place potted plants when going away for periods. The plants get watered, the water remains where needed. No spills, no mess. Great!

  3. blank


    Item as described

  4. blank

    S McKnight

    If you are actually buying this for gardening, then best read the other review. If, like me, you are making a disabled toilet for an overweight and elderly cat who pees over the edge of the litter tray, then this is the product for you. Used together with a high sided litter tray, placed so that the litter tray is inside the garden tray and there is ~ 30cm of garden tray in front of the entrance to the litter, this will save your old moggy from the One Way Trip to the Vet. Sturdy black plastic with a rim that a fat old tom cat can get over, this contains any accidents. I am using inco pads and newspaper to absorb urine. Sorry Garland, this is not the purpose you intended for the tray but it really does work. The front part also catches loose litter granules from his feet.

  5. blank


    This tray is exactly what I wanted to stand plant pots and seed trays in to deter snails and slugs in a cold frame. It is deep enough to stand everything on a platform which lifts them above the level of the water barrier poured into the tray around them.

  6. blank


    Good sturdy tray, perfect for use as a watering tray in a greenhouse

  7. blank


    As described, but very poor packaging: I spent almost an hour trying (ultimately unsuccessfully) to scrape the glue and plastic off of the tray because the packaging glue had welded a whole line of plastic packaging right the way around the tray. Unsightly contaminant for soil.

  8. blank


    A little hard to clean due to the ridges (we use as a run for our guinea pigs) but sturdy enough and good quality

  9. blank

    F. Sheikh

    came quickly, it is very sturdy and light weight, we needed it to put under the bunny hutch, servers the purpose well and everything stays clean

  10. blank

    Helen Weston

    Bought 2 of these. Used them for tortoise enclosure base as wood kept rotting. Great price, very thick, sturdy. Good depth for edge.

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