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Hudson Durable Goods Waxed Canvas Apron Black With Pockets and Crossback

hudson durable goods workshop apron for men and women hdg901


Premium Black Apron for Men and Women – With Pockets and Crossback

The HDG901 Heavy Duty Workshop Apron is the perfect apron to get you working at your best! Designed to provide full coverage and protection, this liquid-resistant and heavy duty crossback apron with pockets will keep your tools and accessories handy and within easy reach. The flat black color gives the HDG901 tool apron a sleek and professional look.

Our versatile shop aprons for men and women are ideal for blacksmiths, forgers, woodworkers, carpenters, barbers, tattooers, gardeners, machinists, painters, artists, grillers, and more. These black aprons for adults are suitable for commercial and professional use.

Key Features

  • Durable & water resistant 16 oz wax infused canvas
  • Metal grommets and rivet reinforcements on pockets
  • Double stitching on hems and straps
  • Measures 27” wide x 34” tall for full coverage and protection
  • Flat black color makes you look sleek and professional

hudson durable goods waxed canvas black apron for men and women


hudson durable goods crossback apron hdg901

hudson durable goods canvas work apron liquid resistant black apron

hudson durable goods canvas apron with pockets and dual loops

Easy to Wear

You need a shop apron that is tough yet comfortable to work on. Our crossback apron distributes the weight across the shoulders, allowing you to work for hours without strain. Its solid metal grommets and rivets reinforce the pockets to keep tools and accessories secure.

Liquid Resistant

Our workshop apron is liquid-resistant, keeping you, your clothes, and the tools inside your pockets protected against stains and spills. This canvas apron is made from high quality material, so you don’t have to worry about greasy and hazardous chemicals leaching from the apron.

Roomy Pockets & Dual Loops

Our work apron features a chest pocket for pens and a cellphone and front pockets (6.5 inches tall × 8 inches wide) to hold smaller hand tools. It comes with dual loops on both sides to hold anything as light as a towel or as heavy as a hammer.


hudson durable goods tool apron for men and women

hudson durable goods safety apron with crossback

hudson durable goods woodworking apron hdg901

Tool Apron

Keep your tools and devices handy and within easy reach with a premium quality tool apron.

Safety Apron

Prevent neck pain and get full protection with a safety apron with pockets and crossback.

Woodworking Apron

Work and move efficiently and comfortably with the perfect woodworker’s apron.


canvas apron hudson durable goods care instructions for long lasting use

canvas apron hudson durable goods care instructions for deep cleaning

canvas apron hudson durable goods care instructions for proper maintenance

canvas apron hudson durable goods care instructions for best results

For Long-lasting Use

Caring for your canvas apron requires regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Regular cleaning prevents dirt build-up and premature wear. Maintenance means rewaxing or refinishing your apron. The best way to maintain your apron is to avoid machine washing and using hot water and conventional soaps and detergents that will hasten the breakdown of the infused wax.

For Cleaning

No dry cleaning and no aggressive scrubbing. Simply brush and wipe off the dirt to keep your canvas apron clean. For spot cleaning, wet a sponge with cold water and gently wipe the dirt off. For deep cleaning, soak the apron in cold water and castile soap and gently massage spots of dirt. Rinse with lukewarm water. Hang and air dry in a warm space.

For Maintenance

Waxed cotton garments need refinishing when they become uneven, shiny, or dry, or when moisture no longer beads. To prolong the life of your tool apron, ensure that it is clean and dry. Apply fabric wax with soft, lint-free cotton in circular motions. Use a little more wax on seams and worn areas. Heat the fabric and wax by laying it out under the sun or using a hairdryer. Wipe off excess wax and hang the garment to dry. The next day, wipe off excess oil.

For Best Results

Thoroughly rinse out soap after washing and use cold water for cleaning. Apply more wax on areas that appear shiny or dry. If you notice a waxy odor after waxing, hang your canvas apron in a well-ventilated area for a few days. Remove the odor by placing your apron in a freezer overnight.

Additional information

Date First Available

‎ 15 April 2017

Manufacturer reference

‎ HDG901




‎ Hudson Durable Goods


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