Material Stainless Steel
Colour Black
Product dimensions 9.4D x 9.4W x 13.7H centimetres
Capacity 992 Grams

  • ✅Material: This metal watering can is made of premium stainless steel. Powder-coated finish which keeps it from rusting or scratching. At 5.4” tall it is small enough so it doesn’t take a lot of space and is not heavy when filled.
  • ✅Perfect Size for Indoor Watering: With a maximum capacity of 35 fluid ounces, it holds about 4 cups of water comfortably. The watering can is perfect size to water small potted plants and houseplants, but it is not suitable for large gardens unless you’re willing to refill it a few times.
  • ✅Long Spout: The thin and long spout makes it easy to water your plants without making a mess and getting water everywhere. The design of the top also helps to prevents spills.
  • ✅Wooden Handle: The wooden handle is easy to hold onto and adds some elegance. Wide opening at the top so you can fill it easily with water (even under low faucets).
  • ✅Decorative: The matte black design with the wood style handle makes it very stylish. It’s such a pretty watering can, almost like a decor accessory so you can no problem displaying it on the plant shelf.