Plant Labels for Outdoor Plants – 80 Premium Quality Plant Labels Plastic – Strong Durable Recyclable Plant Tags Garden Labels


Colour White
Size 12 x 1.35 centimeters
Material Polypropylene
Brand Innoveem
Shape Rectangular

  • [Easy To Write On] Unlike other plant markers that are difficult to write on, our plant tags have dual writing surfaces. One side for permanent marking and the other for reusable marking with a pencil. Meaning you can write easily and clearly on every label every time
  • [Clearly Label Everything In Your Garden] Other garden plant labels are often too short and hard to fit all you’re writing on. Our 12 x 1.35cm plant label is perfectly sized, which means you can easily write the information you require and be able to read your marker afterwards
  • [Outstanding Quality] Make organising your garden easier with our strong and durable white recyclable PP Plastic labels. Being plastic these seed labels are waterproof and will continue to look as good as new whatever the weather.
  • [Effective] Because our gardening plant pot labels have a small hole in one end of the label it makes it easy to turn the label into a hanging name tag. Simply tie some string through the hole and hang your tag where needed
  • [Versatile] Our planting labels are suitable for indoor and outdoor potted plants, or simply in your vegetable patch or mini green house, flowers and fruit trees. Helping you get your plants organised around your home and garden.

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Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 1.35 × 0.12 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

‎12.1 x 1.35 x 0.12 cm; 160 Grams





Material type



‎12 x 1.35 centimeters

Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

‎160 g



Date First Available

29 Oct. 2021


‎Zizz 24-7


  1. blank


    These little sticks are very useful. I have been using them to mark my seeds before bagging. A smooth edge for using a marker, which washes off so that you can use again. Very Happy

  2. blank


    I came to these after a period of using wooden plant labels which of course rot. What is perhaps not advertised about these is that you can re-use them. The surface can be lightly abraded. I have even found that dunking them in bleach to remove old markings is moderately effective and seems not to degrade the label. Having ramped up growing this year I have added to stock. They seem durable. The only disadvantage is that blackbirds seem to love them and make great sport out of pulling them out and scattering them. My fault for feeding the birds. It’s useful to know what you have in a container and when you sowed the seed, that’s my primary use for them in any case. At the end of the season I collect them up, clean them, put them to one side ready for the next seasons sowing.

  3. blank

    Mum! :)

    I’m sure there are better, stronger ones out there but for my use, perfect. They do precisely what I need them to do. Arrived promptly and in good condition.

  4. blank

    S. F. Bond

    I like it that the labels appear sturdy and that each side is available to be used differently. However the delivery label was placed directly over the instructions re the different uses of each side of the label and because I couldn’t read the advice, I had written 12 labels before realising that I had used the wrong side for a permanent label. Having tried to unsuccessfully remove the delivery label, although I can now read the product advice, I am left with a very sticky package for my labels.

  5. blank


    I was looking for plastic labels as the bamboo ones in my local garden centre are very expensive and not really reusable as they bio-degrade quickly. By buying good quality reusable plastic labels I hope to use them for many years. They are easy to write on in pencil (on the rough side) and seem sturdy and good for the job.

  6. blank

    It met his expectations.

    Good size

  7. blank


    They work

  8. blank

    R. Jackson

    I tried various plant labelling pens, including those that work well on other labels. But the labels did not retain the text for more than a month.

  9. blank

    joseph stocks


  10. blank


    They’re a good enough length to write on. I re-use them, which makes them value for money

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