Soil pH Meter Tester Test Kit Gardeners


  • soil pH testing
  • Test your soil acidity and alkalinity
  • Soil pH range of 5 to 9
  • Comes with a comprehensive booklet
  • Does not need batteries

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This soil pH meter provides a fast, simple, and accurate check of the pH level (acidity and alkalinity) of your soil. pH directly affects nutrient uptake and helps monitor the pH distribution that causes or inhibits root growth and at what level or area in the soil profile these changes occur.

Obtaining a correct pH reading is essential to achieve optimum results. Crops such as vegetables, flowers and shrubs, trees, weeds, and fruits are pH-dependent and rely on the soil solution to obtain nutrients. Soil pH value plays an important role in the production of quality crops.

Most crops cannot survive in soil that is too acidic or alkaline. Knowing the nutrient levels in your soil is to determine what you need to add to your soil to maximize the growth of your plants. Full set of instructions for use and how to correct your soil or select from a pH preference list supplied the plants you can grow in your soil condition.

Great for a quick pH measure in the following uses: Commercial use Vineyards Orchards Field Production Nursery Planters Lawn Maintenance Home use Gardens Planters Lawn Maintenance Aquariums Pools Durable and trouble-free life Accurate and reliable Waterproof metal electrode/probe Fast pH measured reading Measures pH of different kinds of soil Passed the strict quality and safety standards.

Great for quick pH of Gardens Planters, Lawn Maintenance, Greenhouses, and Vegetable production Soil pH measuring range: 5.0 – 9.0 pH

Accuracy: ± 0.25 pH (20°C) ± 0.2 pH (suitable for agriculture field or educational experiments)

Operating temperature: 0 – 50°C (32-122°F)

Calibration: Manual 1 point

Size: approx. 159 x 29 x 20 mm

Weight: approx. 57g

Additional information

Weight 155 kg
Dimensions 16.1 × 5.7 cm
Package Dimensions

‎31.1 x 16.1 x 5.7 cm; 155 Grams

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Date First Available

18 April 2016


‎Home and Garden Products Ltd


  1. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Good moisture tester.

  2. blank


    Not sure how good this is so gave four stars.It’s a bit more complicated than I expected, you don’t just stick this in your pots and take a reading which is what I wanted you have to take a sample of the soil make into a mud then test it.

  3. blank


    Very easy to operate.Great Customer Service experience.

  4. blank

    David Williams

    very easy to use all very good

  5. blank


    I’ve used it but not sure about reliability. I needed some acid soil for particular plants but the reading I got from soil bought with high acid content registered almost neutral with tester

  6. blank


    Used only a few times but seems good – watch the probes on these types as they can bend in hard soil so use in soft soil

  7. blank


    it does what it says

  8. blank

    H. Langstone

    PH meter does exactly what it is supposed to do and so easy to use.

  9. blank

    Martin R Milton

    It’s not working but if was working I have given it full stars it looks good and clear but the wires was not connected it fell apart it is a shame to put this in I do believe that it was a one of what slipped thought a test I will bye it again later MRM

  10. blank

    Randal B. Counihan

    I stuck the probe in the soil, when I pulled it out the probe tip remained in the soil. Then the wire cable simply slipped out of the probe,it doesn’t seem to have been firmly fixed within the probe at all. I did not get a single reading from the meter. Complete waste of money and time. Extremely annoyed.

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