Table Top Gas BBQ Inc Lava Rock


Brand Crusader
Colour Red
Fuel type Gas
Finish type Pickled

  • Handy table-top gas barbecue with single burner
  • Operates on either butane or propane with suitable regulator (regulator not supplied)
  • Comes with lava rock for an authentic barbecue smoky flavour
  • Cooking Area: 42cm x 27cm
  • Pack Size: 48cm x 29.5cm x 28.5cm

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This handy folding Gordon Portable Gas Barbeque is the ideal portable solution for caravans, motorhomes, camping, picnics and home use. With its easy to assemble design, and its folding legs which double as a lid retainer during transport, the BBQ runs on either propane or butane, and comes complete with lava rock for that delicious barbecue smoky flavour.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 29.5 × 28.5 cm
Product Dimensions

‎48 x 29.5 x 28.5 cm; 4 Kilograms

Part number


Material type

‎Alloy Steel

Item model number




Date First Available

20 May 2011




  1. blank

    Brian Antcliff

    Easy to assemble,just had first barbecue,worked perfectly

  2. blank

    Rachel G

    I bought this to try on holiday with our touring caravan because it’s cheap and our caravan has an external gas outlet, so we didn’t need to buy a regulator or gas cylinder to use it; just a length of gas hose. It works about as well as I expected, perhaps a little better. I had to add extra lava rocks because it comes with a fairly meagre amount. It’s easy to assemble for anyone who can follow instructions and use a spanner. It is made of thin sheet steel so I don’t expect it to last very long, but it fits perfectly in the caravan’s outside locker.Cooking, the heat is rather uneven, with the end nearest the valve good only for warming. If you are cooking more than four burgers at a time you have to keep moving them around. The temperature is pretty much uncontrollable. There are no markings on the valve and it’s hard to see how much gas is coming out. If you turn it down too far then the wind blows it out. But it doesn’t really matter because fully open is about right for cooking most things, albeit being careful not to leave anything over the hottest parts for too long. You’ll need either long cooks matches or a gas wand to light it because you can’t reach the burner past the lava rock with ordinary matches.Overall a good buy. Of course the big advantage over charcoal is you are ready to cook in less than 10 minutes.

  3. blank

    John M.

    Ease of use & lightweight

  4. blank

    Brenda Day

    Compact. Easy to use. Table top.

  5. blank

    Mick A

    This is the second one of these we have bought, the first one we have used on our caravan holidays for the last 16 years, it still works OK but looking a bit tatty now, so thought we’d treat ourselves to a new one.16 years use from the cheapest gas bbq on the market, you won’t get better value for money than that. We very highly recommend this brilliant little bbq.

  6. blank

    james douglass

    Does xactly what it’s says.Great product

  7. blank

    ds austin

    Had many bbq’ s, cheap and expensive, of every type. This is worth every penny, a bit fiddly on assembly, but cooks superbly. Extra lava rocks recommended, as said elsewhere, big enough for four meals. If you have more mouths to feed…buy 2!

  8. blank


    Well what do you expect for under 30 quid? I’d say its definitely not worth a penny more. Thin steel, very basic construction but hey its £30 for a gas BBQ. All a bit wobbly, loose and well… cheap!! The wire legs are so poorly made the unit does not sit without a wobble, bit like a pub table with beer mats under one leg LOL. But it works well, gets good heat. Forget the lava – the lumps are way too big, in fact when you place them they don’t allow the grill to sit on the ledge so you either bin them or have to break them into smaller bits. I can see getting perhaps 2 years max out of it, as the burner is so thin this is going to rust through very rapidy rendering the whole unit useless. But again is a gas BBQ for under £30. Its certainly not worth any more… We shall see…

  9. blank


    Not too bad for a simple portable gas BBQ. Assembly was a little difficult with fairly poor instructions but got there in the end. However, the lava rocks they sent had obviously not gone through quality control. One of the lava rocks WAS THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL!!! I had to get a hammer and chisel to break it (and another rock) into usable sizes which was quite time consuming and tiring. Very bizarre issue – I can only assume someone fell asleep on the job when packaging it up… on the positive side I have discovered I have a knack for carving rock sculptures and am now going to make millions in the art world.From a usage perspective the BBQ was quite hot and cooked steaks OK (which is always a challenge with gas BBQs). The BBQ is quite compact and the legs fold up up nicely, holding the lid on for transport. I had thought about totally disassembling it after use to save even more space but given the challenge of assembly I’ll leave it as it is.All-in-all a reasonable purchase which would work OK for a single family camping but not really enough surface area for any more than that.

  10. blank

    Amazon Customer

    2nd one I’ve had, ideal for a quick cook up for a couple of people, small and easy to store and clean. unfortunately I found the same one for £24 in a store 3 miles away from home, they don’t last forever though, burner rusts out after 4>5yrs but at £24 it doesn’t matter.

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