tepro Grillwagen Toronto Click Charcoal Barbecue, Anthracite/Stainless Steel, 56 x 41.5 cm


  • Innovative design allows for easy and quick setup in less than 30 minutes
  • Size of the grill surface is approx. 56 x 41.5 cm; warming surface is approx. 21.2″ x 9.5″
  • Chrome-plated cooking grate and warming rack as well as charcoal tray, which is easily height adjustable using a crank
  • The special feature of the grill surface is the removable grill insert, which allows the use of different elements.
  • The wheels make it easy to move and align well. Thanks to the robust legs, the trolley stands securely in place. Unlike a stationary garden grill, our charcoal grill has 2 wheels. This offers more mobility and can be easily driven to any place. The biggest advantage of the charcoal grill cart is the additional storage area on the side by e.g. B. Keep food safe. Working height: approx. 84 cm.

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The Tepro Toronto BBQ

A Large Family BBQ full of features to make outdoor cooking simple and fun. 2 air vents, Grid-in-Grid, height adjustable charcoal tray, ash collection tray and a warming rack all feature in this easy to build BBQ

Ash Tray

Ash Collection Tray

When you have finished cooking and the BBQ is cool, simply slide out the try and dispose of the Ash

Side Shelf

Side Shelf

The powder coated side shelf folds down for storage


Keep Cooking

If you need to add more coal, simply open the door and top up to keep cooking. Great for long summer BBQs

Grid in Grid

Grid in Grid

The Grid in Grid system allows to further expand your cooking by adding Pizza Stones, Woks and Pans (sold Seperately)


Simple Clear Instructions

A Full Manual with instructions in both German and English (From P24) Is included. Clear Diagrams and labelled parts make assembly a doddle. If you have lost your instructions, they can be downloaded in pdf form from the Tepo website, link below


Additional information

Weight 26.55 kg
Dimensions 115 × 107 cm
Product Dimensions

‎67 x 115 x 107 cm; 26.55 Kilograms

Part number


Material type

‎Alloy Steel

Item model number





1 Unknown batteries required.

Date First Available

19 Sept. 2018


‎TEPRO Garten GmbH, de_lawn_and_garden, TEPAK


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    Bought this for myself. It came flat packed. Like a hundred + pieces. I’m a technical person but it was a real challenge putting it all together. Lots of similar looking parts and the instruction booklet could be better. However, many hours later it is up and running. I’m happy with it but I wouldn’t want to put another one together.

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    Really good BBQ and only reason I’ve not given it 5 stars is because I’m nitpicking. For the price I expect it to be perfect and the one I got has a slight warp in it somewhere in the top/the lid hinges which means the lid doesn’t sit flush and the front left hand side sits up about a centimetre.Didn’t seem to affect temps too much but again for the price I don’t expect this, the coal tray has also warped quite considerably after the first use but suspect that when it has hot coals back on it, it should straighten itself out again so should be fine for use but will update again if not the case.Over all, I think it’s a really good BBQ. Apart from the above the only other thing I would say is the instructions could be better and they mislabelled all the bolts etc… so that wasn’t great but but of common sense and patience got me through it.Would recommend.*edit* just noticed there is one of the black caps missing from one of the legs, not sure how I missed it. Had to swap them about and take them off the ends of the folding shelf to make it look better. Cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect function but again, for the price I would expect better.

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    J. H. Wagstaff

    I bought this 4 years ago and was really excited to get grilling. The coal height adjuster was just what i was looking for and i have grilled and roasted many meals on this from joints to chickems and burgers its been pretty bulletproof and continues to serve its purpose. Not as flash as the Kamados but still able to smoke your food nicely and control heat and for a 10th the cost. Great starter grill.

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    This is the second one of these I have bought. It has some good features not found in other BBQ’s such as the ability to vary the heat by easily raising or lowering the charcoal bed and being able to top up the charcoal mid cook through the from door. Both really good points.It was also much easier to assemble than the first version I had, which was a nightmare. Clearly a lot of thought and effort has gone into this and it shows.On the negative side it is thin, painted mild steel. I would have preferred either stainless steel or enamelled steel and would have been happy to pay more. The previous one has lasted about 4 – 5 years, always kept covered. The most significant change since the first version is that the ash tray is no longer stainless steel but painted mild steel like the rest. I expect this to be the first part to rust, this is a backwards step from the first version and looks like penny pinching.One minor niggle is that there is no easy way to fit a rotisserie. I managed this on the previous one by modifying it slightly and will have to do the same again. It would have been very easy to leave a cut out for a rotisserie to poke out either side of the lid.NB have now used it for the first time and discovered one other change not so good vs the first version. The grill is too big to fit in the sink easily for cleaning. In the first one the grill was in two halves so easier to clean. Not sure why they have changed this for the circular insert, not sure what it does but will probably use the old grills. Have enclosed pictures of the new vs old grills.

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    If you haven’t brought this, why not ?! Arrived a day earlier than stated, bonus ! Me being me took it upon myself to rip the box open and get started before my other half came home to help. Much to my amazement it was super easy to put together and I had it together and up before he got home with the help of a polystyrene crushing 8yr old and two bolt nicking and screw hiding dauchshunds.

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    Craig Winters

    BBQ is nice and feels sturdy. Easy to use and move around etc. Only complaint i would have is around 6 or 7 pieces arrived bent or damaged. We needed it for that day so couldn’t return it. We had to force it or bend back in place. Seems ok, the coal tray is wonky however.

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    Andy Jennings

    This is a very attractive looking bbq and one of the reasons that I chose it over other models. Overall I do like the bbq, but there are a few issues that other reviewers have identified, that have also transpired with my experience.The bbq had a few damaged parts when I received it, but not enough to want to send it back to the manufacturer. One of the vent handles was broken, one of the metal vents was slightly bent and there was the odd dent and chip in various parts.The assembling took me a couple of hours, although I didn’t rush it. So no harm done there. I did get English instructions, which was good, although the pictures were very small for some of the intricate assembling, which was not so good. As with a couple of reviewers, the charcoal grate was angling slightly, but after twiddling with some of the nuts and bolts of the (pre-fixed) arms, I managed to get it pretty level.I put the bbq on to pre-fire, which showed just what a beast it is! It held together fine, although if there’s even a slight slant on the ground below, the lid doesn’t shut evenly.When I went to use it properly for the first time, all was going well until I wheeled the bbq into the garden to avoid the smoke from the charcoals getting into the house (I was using a chimney). Then all of a sudden the pit started to collapse as the leg became loose. Thankfully I managed to reattach the leg and screw it back tightly. If that had happened when the coals were actually in the pit, it could have been seriously dangerous!After that, the cooking went well. The pit is huge, so don’t underestimate the amount of charcoal you’ll need to fill it all, which is great for a large gathering. The grid in grid grill is excellent and the warming rack useful (although it can get in the way of items on the grill directly underneath it).All in all, as I said at the start, I do really like this bbq. It looks amazing and is big enough to cope with most demands. But the assembly needs looking at, because it needs to remain sturdier then it currently is. I would recommend it, but you will need to regularly maintain it.

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    Andy Steward

    I bought this BBQ with low expectations after reading some negative reviews, clearly if parts are missing or damaged it is frustrating and not acceptable but I did not experience any of these negatives. It took me 1.5 hours to check all parts were present, read the instructions fully and assemble with relative ease. I had to tighten pre assembled screws and had a problem with the main handle spring button not clipping into place, but all I had to do was remove the plastic cap on the leg and enlarge a hole for the button to fully engage.I haven’t used it yet and one concern was seeing pictures of the paint peeling off, but in the instructions it says before using to condition the BBQ for 1-2 hours at a temperature between 100 and 200 Deg c and not to let the temperature exceed 260 Deg c during this process, so that is what I have done. Also it does state to check tighten bolts regularly, so I will be doing this before using each time until I have faith in the product, but it certainly seems sturdy to me.I have used this BBQ four times now and had no problems with the paint peeling or falling apart. So for me this BBQ exceeded my expectations and is good value for the money.

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    H. J. Jenkins

    Really delighted with this bbq. I put it together on my own, (unskilled female pensioner)! It did take a few hours as I didn’t even know what a spring clip was and I took my time and stopped for tea breaks, but everything was present and correct, well marked with neatly packaged screws and fittings, I found the diagram instructions quite straightforward and can imagine someone with more strength, knowledge and skills putting this together in less than an hour (not attaching a handle upside down as I did!). Most of it just slid or clipped into place, but you will need a small spanner and Philips screwdriver a couple of times.It needs an 1-2 hour ‘priming’ burn, so bear that in mind as the inaugural feast was an hour or so late because of that. But the results were perfect, wonderful smoked barbeque flavour, beats gas every time. Cleaned up easily, I love the detachable grill centre as it’s less to clean if you are just doing a couple of steaks, you could easily cook for six on the whole grill, though. It virtually wiped clean, but that may not always be the case as it gets more use. Handy drawer for the ash made the whole aftermath a 5 minute job. There were a couple of tiny dints on the hood, but that’s just nitpicking as far as I’m concerned. I’ve wheeled it around quite a bit, it’s fairly lightweight, not cast iron obviously, but thin steel plate that seems quite adequate for the job. I’m well pleased and would happily recommend this product.

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