Shuttleworth College 2016 – Young Gardeners of the Year


Shuttleworth College 2016. From left: Jemima Hall, Beth McCausland, James Warwick, Vicky Snell and George Soames.

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Come and see the Young Gardeners show gardens at the Ideal Home Show in Olympia, London from 18 March – 3 April.

Show Garden Design – Inside Out

Shuttleworth College Final Show Garden Design for the Ideal Young Gardeners of the Year 2016

Tell us about your garden

Our garden is inspired by the courtyard gardens and colours of Marrakech. The deep rich blue we chose for our theme colour is inspired by its Majorelle Gardens. The entire garden is done in a Moroccan style with bold colours, tiled furnishings and lighting from lamps.

The garden is set out as a mini Chahar Bagh garden, which is a Persian garden style where the space is divided into four areas. We have separated the garden by pebbles which are set into a rill filled with water.

The garden also has a cooking and eating area and bar with an outdoor wood burner, as well as an upcycled tiled table which has a copper drinks cooler set into it.

We have used many recycled and upcycled materials in our garden, as well as low-energy solar PV and LED lighting.

Tell us about the planting

Shuttleworth College Moroccan-inspired show garden for the Young Gardeners of the Year 2016 Competition

For the ornamental beds chose architectural plants that would give structure as well as a Mediterranean feel to the garden.

We have used Yucca, Phormuims and Cordylines, Agave, Trachycarpus and hardy Musa (banana) as well as a range of grasses.

Our ‘Inside Out’ planters feature several species of Aloe and Bilbergia. Herbs, salads and edible leaves are in box planters at the rear of the bar, including our star plant Moroccan mint, so we can make refreshing mint tea!

The feature plants in the bar area are two Olive trees which are set through the bar top.

Any other interesting features?

Shuttleworth College designed a Moroccan show garden for the Ideal Home Show

The planters and furniture are on castors, making them mobile features. This means the garden could be rearranged in different ways. The planters are also very flexible for growing tender plants as they can be taken into the house or conservatory in winter.

And there are two secret gardens under the bar! One is a cosy hideaway for children that’s planted with lush ferns. The other is filled with LED lights. It can be used as a growing area during the day, and transforms into an illuminated feature under the bar at night with programmable lighting.

How is the garden educational?

Shuttleworth College garden for the Young Gardeners of the Year 2016 - see the finished garden photos

The garden is off grid, needed no mains power supply. Solar panels power the lighting and showcases a range of LED lights. Some of the lights can be easily assembled by children (with adult supervision of course!). This means children can learn about power from the sun and make links between solar panels and photosynthesis in plants.

Finally, the garden is a chance to learn about different cultures. The design also includes examples of Moroccan tiles and crafts. Plus there are lots of ways for people to try these arts and crafts in the garden, including terracotta pots which provide opportunities for painting and mosaic.

Shuttleworth College show garden. Inspired by Morocco, the garden used many tiles, colours and crafts

Shuttleworth College Moroccan-inspired garden with outdoor kitchen area including wood burner - great courtyard design for small gardens

Award: Silver Medal

Shuttleworth College wins a Silver Medal at the Young Gardeners of the Year 2016 Competition

Shuttleworth College was awarded a Silver Medal for their show garden.

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