The benefits of houseplants

benefits-of-house-plants-headerAs it gets colder outside and much of the garden becomes dormant, it’s a good time to focus your energies on warming up your home with beautiful houseplants. We all know how much character they can add to the look of a room, but many people don’t realise that houseplants provide many other benefits. So here’s five great reasons why houseplants should be a permanent part of every home.

1. They clean the air in your home

A study by NASA found that plants inside the home neutralise the chemicals that are found in furniture, household cleaning products and paint.

Snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata or mother in laws tongue)

This plant gives out oxygen at night and combats chemicals like xylene, toluene and benzene (found in detergents) in the air.

Aloe Vera

Aside from the gel inside an Aloe Vera plant being great for treating burns, this clever little plant fights benzene and formaldehyde (the chemical in varnishes).

Phalaenopsis orchids

These orchids are absolutely beautiful but they also give off oxygen at night, cleaning the air and helping you breathe better!

2. They improve health

Researchers at Kansas State University have found that patients staying in hospital rooms with plants have a higher speed of recovery. Apparently patients in rooms with plants have lower blood pressure, heart rates and get released from hospital sooner than patients staying in rooms without plants.

3. Decorative features

Houseplants look great. Unsure of what to put on that kitchen windowsill? Or use on the shelf in the hall? Houseplants are an easy and relatively low cost decorative feature that keep on giving. For a statement feature, consider a Ponytail Palm. Despite its name, it’s not a true palm but it grows up to 3 feet tall so is a great addition to a blank space.

4. Easy to care for

Some houseplants require minimal care and are easier to look after than those in the garden. Spider plants, cheese plants, dragon trees for example are fast-growing and plants and look great. As long as they’re kept in a well-lit position and watered weekly, they’re quite happy.

5. Adding fragrance to your home

Of course, houseplants add some wonderful fragrances to the home. Forget plug-in air fresheners and reed diffusers; try gardenia, jasmine and stephanotis that have some beautifully scented and showy flowers.

This year, I’m determined to bring as many people as possible into gardening. It’s such a healthy and rewarding hobby, and starting with houseplants is a great way for people to begin their journey.

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