David Domoney's gardening club - feature image

My Gardening Club is a dedicated membership scheme that offers exclusive benefits.

I will be sharing exclusive content to my members, using a platform called Patreon to host the scheme.

There are a range of benefits on offer to suit every budget. This scheme enables me to create more gardening content, inspire more people to get gardening, and provide members with exclusive tips and advice.

I have created three tiers of membership to suit your budget. The starter tier of membership is just £3.75 per month, which is less than a cup of tea or coffee from your favourite coffee shop!

Have a look below to see a nutshell description of my bronze, silver, and gold memberships.

Membership tiers

David domoney's gardening club - gold membership

As a Bronze member, you will help me create more gardening content such as blogs, videos, or gardening guides. As a thank you for being a member, you can enjoy these perks:

  • A monthly video update on upcoming activities, content, and much more…
  • You’ll be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a packet of my Get Growing Seeds…
  • Access to an exclusive member’s newsletter…

For every new video I create for YouTube, your name will be added to the credits section.

Become a Bronze Member for £3.75 per month.

David domoney's gardening club - silver membership

By joining as a Silver member you’ll get all the benefits of a Bronze membership, plus:

  • Early access to my new videos (for a limited period)…
  • Ad-free videos, including a carefully collated library of existing content…
  • Q&A videos from my garden, where I answer one question, highlight one plant, and recommend one activity for you to do in the garden this month. (These will be based on the UK climate)…
  • Access to a member’s content poll – have your say by voting for the topics that you would like me to talk about in future blogs and videos.

Sign up to become a sliver member for £7.50 per month.

David Domoney's gardening club - gold membership

As a Gold Member, you’re really putting in the groundwork for a thriving indoor and outdoor garden. In this tier, you will receive all the perks of a Bronze and Silver membership, plus:

A signed copy of my book My Houseplant Changed My Life after 3 months of patronage.

Seasonal (UK Climate) webinars with me (4 per year), to help you benefit from your time in the garden.

*UK Plant Zones are the equivalent of US Department of Agriculture Zones 6 through 9.

Become a Gold Member for £12.50 per month.

How do I sign up?

I am using a service called Patreon to manage the membership scheme. It is a safe and secure service that is used across the world. To choose the membership scheme that is right for you, simply click on the link below to locate my channel and then click on the Join button. You then start the sign up process, where you sign up using your Facebook or Google account or your email address. Then follow the instructions to complete your membership sign up.

What if I don’t want to sign up?

I’ll still be producing my regular blogs, newsletter, and video content, which is supported by advertising, for no additional charge. And I am very grateful of your continued support.

Can I cancel?

The membership scheme works on a monthly or annual basis. You can cancel monthly memberships at any time, though you will charged pro-rata and lose access to any exclusive content. If you cancel annual membership, your membership will run until the following year, but it won’t auto-renew.

What happens if I want to switch from annual to monthly membership?

While you’re on an annual membership, you won’t be able to switch to a monthly membership plan. Instead, you will need to cancel your annual membership near the end of your original year term and then re-join on a monthly plan once the year is over.

Thank you again for your support.