Charities Supported By David

As a devoted horticulturist, David works closely with charitable partners on worthwhile causes close to his heart. His work in the public eye goes towards promoting initiatives from the RSPB, British Hedgehog Preservation Society, Woodland Trust, and Project Aware. David also helps to raise awareness of the power of plants for better health, alongside Greenfingers, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, The Worshipful Company of Gardeners, The Melanoma Fund, Thrive, and SANE.


Established in 1889, the RSPB is a UK charity that aims to protect the nation’s 408 species of birds.

David generously gives his time freely as the RSPB Garden Bird Ambassador. He fronts the charity engagement with the British public encouraging the nation to care for wild birds in their garden.

He dedicates time to promoting the RSPB’s many initiatives. David advises the UK’s Nation of Gardeners on how to care for their garden birds, both habitats, planting, feeding, and hygiene. David’s accomplishments include appearing Pro bono in TV adverts in support of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, which is a national success. David has made many inspiring short films promoting British birds and constantly encourages through writing about bird care to his Million plus Social media audience. He has created educational quizzes and attended RSPB functions to fundraise & inform.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last six years & continues to do so.

David Domoney RSPB Ambassador

Air Ambulances UK

Air Ambulances UK (AAUK) is the national charity supporting the lifesaving work of the UK’s air ambulance charities, enabling them to save more lives every day. AAUK raises national funds to invest in the air ambulance community and acts as the voice on issues of national significance. Their vision is that together they will ensure the best possible chance of survival and patient outcome for everyone in need of lifesaving pre-hospital care.

David pledged his support of the Air Ambulances UK this year as their new Ambassador with a program of fundraising and awareness activities.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has just started.

David Domoney Air Ambulance Ambassador

British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Since 2000, rural areas have seen the population of British hedgehogs drop by 50%. The British Hedgehog Preservation Society seeks to reverse that trend and to protect hedgehogs for years to come.

David generously gives his time to support the valuable endeavours of the BHPS by teaching the public how to help hedgehogs in their gardens. An active Patron of the charity David is a dynamic supporter of the yearly Hedgehog Awareness Week. He also constantly delivers messages about the importance of protecting British hedgehogs including his pro bono involvement in a documentary for Channel 5. David has produced a variety of inspirational videos and many motivational guides on how to support hedgehogs in British domestic gardens.

David does all of this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last seven years & continues to do so.


Pollinating London Together

Pollinating London Together is a pan-Livery, long-term initiative from the Worshipful companies of Gardeners & Wax Chandlers. It was set up to halt the decline of pollinators in the City of London and its immediate environment.

David is an enthusiastic Patron of the charity. He has freely given lectures at Livery dinners and events to promote awareness of the campaign. He has produced videos for the charity and generously supports events.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last two years and continues to do so.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Greenfingers is a national charity that supports children living with life-limiting conditions. The children spend time in hospices around the UK, along with their families. The charity creates inspiring gardens for them to relax in and benefit from. David gives his time freely as a Patron.

David is a constant reliable support and actively promotes the awareness of this charity and attends countless events raising money for the cause. He inspires through his speaking engagements at fundraising dinners; David produces fundraising videos and has toured many garden centres during the annual Garden Relief fundraising initiative.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last four years and continues to do so.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Thrive is a charitable organisation that uses therapeutic horticulture to improve the lives of people with mental and physical disabilities and illnesses. David is their Ambassador.

A published believer in improving health through gardening & nature, David enthusiastically supports Thrive’s many successful initiatives in his role for the charity. He has spoken at numerous events over the last decade and, he writes on the activities to improve mental & physical well-being through gardening activities. David actively engages in fundraising events and much more, succeeding in raising awareness and finances in support of the charity’s provision of research-based green care.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last ten years & continues to do so.



Founded in 1986, SANE is a charitable organisation that seeks to improve the lives of people with mental illness. In his role as Gardening Champion of the charity, David dedicates time and resources freely to help SANE reduce the stigma attached to mental ill-health and raise awareness of the enormous, positive impact that gardening and nature can have on mental health.

David enthusiastically appears on campaigns, produces mental health gardening blogs, he posts to his 1 million plus social media following on positive mental & physical well-being nature has for humans with depression, anxiety, and stress.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last six years and continues to do so.


War Widows’ Association of Great Britain

The War Widows’ Association is a group that exists to improve the conditions of War Widows and their dependants in Great Britain. Its work encompasses those who have suffered bereavement as a result of World War II and all conflicts since then including Iraq and Afghanistan.

David compassionately writes about the comfort gardens & nature can be in difficult times, some are printed in the War Widows magazine, and he reads for the War Widows at the annual; Cenotaph remembrance parade & service. David actively supports and attends events & services.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last five years and continues to do so.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The award-winning Birmingham Botanical Gardens. A registered charity, the gardens’ collection of 7,000 plants from around the world offers a unique educational experience for thousands of people every year. Living in the Midlands David became a Patron of the charity, in support of their exceptional services in educating the next generation

David creates videos, and social media posts to attract visitors and promote the values of the education the Botanical gardens bring to the area.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last six years and continues to do so.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Chartered Institute of Horticulture

The Chartered Institute of Horticulture is both an educational charity and the chartered body for horticulture. As a Chartered Fellow of the Institute, David champions horticulture as a worthwhile and rewarding profession for the youth of today. David has presented numerous keynote conference speeches for the Institute. He has Chaired/Master of Ceremonies many of the conferences with the generosity of his time & professionalism.

As an enthusiastic supporter of the industry especially actively encouraging young people to choose horticulture & nature as a career, he produced & presented a film promoting careers in the UK land-based sector to school leavers for a national audience. On television and radio David raises the image of British Horticulture and its importance in the UK’s economy.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last six years and continues to do so.

Chartered Institute of Horticulture

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners

The Worshipful Company of Gardeners is a “living” guild and numbers among its members both professionals and amateurs who are actively involved in the craft. His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Edward (Past Master) personally selected David Domoney to be the recipient of his 2019 Excellence in Horticulture Career Development Award.

Sitting on the Court David helps promote horticulture as a way of bringing people together. He has hosted all the Companies Charity Auction fundraisers in the last 5 years, in that time raising over £100,000, David has hosted every Gardeners Question Time event and has delivered many Speeches at the dinner events promoting the Mental and physical health benefits of Horticulture and nature.

David does this ‘without charge’. He has served for the last five years and continues to do so.

Chartered Institute of Horticulture

Melanoma Fund

Devoted to raising awareness of the deadliest type of skin cancer around, The Melanoma Fund seeks to educate the public and fund essential research in the prevention and treatment of melanoma. David is a loyal part of the annual Watch Your Back campaign, helping to keep gardeners informed about the importance of protecting themselves from the sun while gardening outdoors. He thoroughly engages with the spirit of the campaign at photo shoots, the campaign trail, and press inspiration.

He does this without charge. He has served for the last seven years.

Melanoma Fund


The Royal Horticultural Society is a registered charity that is devoted to enriching people’s lives with gardening. In support of the RHS, David generously dedicated time and his horticultural business knowledge to advise them as a member of their Commercial Board. A former head of global buying teams for some of the UK’s largest companies, David shares his expertise with the RHS so that they can make sound commercial decisions and create unique and inspiring ways to educate and motivate the nation to engage with plants.

He did this ‘without charge’. He served for over 13 years on the board (recently retired) and a further 2 years on the RHS Shows oversight committee.


The Prince’s Foundation

Founded by His Majesty Charles the Third in 2004 the Princes Foundation (now the Kings Foundation), is an educational charity that aims, in part, to support the teaching of traditional skills like horticulture and garden design.

David was proud to join forces with The Prince’s Foundation by launching a Young Gardeners of the Year competition, which showcased the best of upcoming British talent going head-to-head to build an incredible array of inspirational show gardens.

A Legacy of over 600 young pre–pre-graduate horticultural students had the unique experience of creating their very first ‘Show gardens’ at major venues such as Olympia London, Earls Court & Ascot events. David did this ‘not for profit’ over eight years until covid.

David still enjoys a positive relationship with the foundation.

David Domoney with King Charles the Third

Cultivation Street

David launched, fundraises, and continues to organize the longest-running National community gardening campaign in Britain today. Cultivation Street is designed to:

  • Help start community gardens
  • Support existing community projects
  • Promote excellence in community gardening and
  • Support children’s gardening in schools.

He has generously awarded over £200,000 in prizes. And given tens of thousands of plants and gardening products to communities across the whole of the United Kingdom.

He succeeded in setting up a national network of garden centre ambassadors. These ambassadors help schools and gardens on their doorstep. In addition, he has created a vast amount of online resources all free of charge and without the requirement for membership.

David does this ‘not for profit’. He has organised this British National Campaign which is now going into its 12th year.

David Domoney Cultivation Street

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission seeks to make sure that all those who gave their lives in the two World Wars are remembered and honoured. David holds the CWGC’s cause close to his heart. Both of his Grandfathers served, one as a signalman in the trenches in WW1, and the other served in WW2 as a Commander for the Admiralty. David worked with the CWGC’s Director of Horticulture, David Richardson, and created designed, and built the CWGC Centenary garden. David’s design won an RHS Medal at the 2017 Chelsea Flower Show. He also presented & produced a short film to commemorate the centenary of the WWI armistice in 2018.

David has continued his friendship with the CWGC in remembrance videos, social media posts, and events at the CWGC head office.

David Domoney Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Capel Manor College

Capel Manor College is a special environmental college located in Enfield, London. The College has five campuses across London, Crystal Palace Park, Enfield, Gunnersbury Park, Mottingham, and Regent’s Park. It has a body of over 3,000 students.

David is a dynamic supporter of youth in Horticulture. He sat as a College Governor for Capel advising at all the governor meetings & subcommittees running the governance of the education faculty during a very successful time for the college.

David did this without charge. He served as a college supporter for a couple of years before becoming a governor then

the maximum term of 8 years (recently retired). With over a decade of loyal service, the college appointed him to be the first ever ‘Fellow’. David continues to support the college in this role.


Awareness Events

Spending thousands of his own money every year, David generously promotes gardening for positive mental and physical wellbeing. An example of this is he launched the national awareness scheme where he finances and promotes no less than six UK garden specialists’ weeks.

These events include:

Houseplant Week UK

Cultivation Street Week

Compost Week UK

Community Garden Week

Rose Awareness Week

Garden Wildlife Week

David Domoney Awareness Days