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Within my store, you will find a selection of categories from compost, and seeds, to signed copies of my book, and much more. I will be continually reviewing the range of items within the shop and adding new items regularly. All of these items (except signed copies of my book) if you choose to buy, are available through an affiliate partnership I have with Amazon.

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A collection of gifts for you to order for family and friends.

Garden Accessories

A collection of handy garden accessories for gardening.


Books written by David Domoney for you to order.

Garden Decor

A collection of garden decor to give your garden a flourish


A collection of flower and veg seeds for you to order.


A collection of stylish and contemporary items for your home.

Animal & Wildlife Care

A collection of animal & wildlife care products.

Outdoor Garden Lighting

A collection of outdoor lighting for your garden.

Garden Power Tools

A collection of garden power tools and accessories.

Growing Mediums

A collection of Peat-Free compost & fertiliser products.

Watering Your Plants

A collection of watering cans, stakes, & water butts for your indoor & outdoor plants.

Barbecues & Outdoor Dining

A collection of BBQ’s and Outdoor Dining products.

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