Herb Collection Seed Mats

A collection of essential herbs, all pre-sown on quick and easy to use seed mats. The seed mats also help to hold moisture around the seeds, improving germination and seedling survival rates. Packet contains two mats of each of the following herbs; Basil Minette, Coriander, Chives, Mint and Parsley Moss Curled.

Growing Advice

Grow your own Herb Collection

Sow Indoors

Sow indoors all year round. Simply fill a 9cm pots with compost, leaving a gap 1.5cm from the top of the pot. Place the mat on the compost and firm down gently. Cover the mat with a thin layer of compost then water thoroughly and allow the excess water to drain away. Water well and place in a warm, light position, away from cold draughts and out of intense, direct sunlight. Keep the compost just moist and be careful not to overwater, the compost should almost dry out before it is watered again. Pots can also be kept outdoors during the summer months but need to be acclimatised to outside conditions first. To do this simply place them outside in a sheltered spot during the day and bring them inside again at night when the temperature falls. Do this for a week or two, until the plants have hardened off.

Sow Outdoors

Top Tips About Seeds

Once the seed packet has been opened, the seed mats can be stored in an airtight container until required for further sowings. To extend the harvest season and give best results, sow the second seed mat a three to four weeks after sowing the first.

Growing in Containers

These herb mats can easily be grown in pots on the patio, either individually in small pots or arranged together in large patio containers. For best results wait until late May before sowing the mats outdoors.

Common Problems

Plants can bolt, stopping the growth of leaves and running to seed too early, if stressed by drought or by intense hot sunlight, especially if grown indoors on a windowsill. Keep indoor plants out of direct sunlight and keep the compost or soil moist at all times.


Harvest all year round, outdoor plants from late May. Pick a few leaves from each plant and they will regrow quickly without stressing the plants too much. This will allow for a good number of regular harvests. Alternatively cut whole bunches as required.

Ideas for using your herbs

When cooking with fresh herbs it is best to add them at the very last minute to retain the best flavour and aroma. If using the leaves in salads or as a garnish for soups and sauces, crush them in your hand to bruise them before adding them, this will help to bring out the flavour. Leaves can be frozen when fresh to best preserve their flavour. It is better to freeze lots of small, individual bunches, rather than one big bag. This way the leaves will freeze more quickly, will be handled less and be preserved better.