Rocket Mixed Seed Mats

Deliciously tangy, full flavoured rocket leaves in a wide ranging mixture of shapes and sizes. Seeds are pre-sown on quick and easy to use seed mats. The mats also help to hold moisture around the seeds, improving germination and seedling survival rates. Each packet contains three 20cm seed mats, ideal for repeat sowings and the perfect size for 25-30cm patio pots.

Growing Advice

Grow your own Mat Rocket seeds

Sow Indoors

Rocket leaves should be sown outdoors, directly where they are to grow.

Sow Outdoors

Sow outdoors from March to August. Simply fill a large patio pot (minimum 25cm) with compost, leaving a gap 1.5cm from the top of the pot. Place the mat on the compost and firm down gently. Cover the mat with a thin layer of compost then water thoroughly and allow the excess water to drain away. Water well and place in a bright, sheltered position, away from drying winds and out of intense, direct sunlight. Seedlings should start to appear after approximately 7-14 days. Keep the compost just moist and be careful not to overwater, the compost should almost dry out before it is watered again.

Top Tips About Seeds

  • Once the seed packet has been opened, the seed mats can be stored in an airtight container until required for further sowings.
  • To extend the harvest season and give best results, sow a seed mats every four weeks.

Growing in Containers

These seed mats are perfect for pots on the patio. For pots or tubs larger than 25-30cm across, the mats can be cut into sections like pieces of a pie and spread out onto the surface of the compost. This will give more space for plants to grow.

Common Problems

Plants can bolt, running to seed too early and stopping the growth of new leaves, if stressed by drought or by extremely hot weather, especially if grown in exposed locations. Grow rocket in a sheltered location and ensure the compost or soil is kept moist at all times. Flea beetle can spoil the appearance of the leaves, making lots of tiny holes, if this becomes a it problem can be prevented by growing plants under a fine insect netting or horticultural fleece.


Harvest from May to October. Leaves can be picked at any stage, from baby leaves to mature plants. Pick a few leaves from each plant and they will regrow quickly without stressing the plants too much. This will allow for a good number of regular harvests.

Ideas on how to use your Mat Rocket

When picking rocket leaves it is best done in the cool of the morning or evening, this is when they are at their best. Half or quarter mats can also be sown in pots with halves or quarters of other seed mats to create mixed containers of your favourite crops.