Choose the plants that make you happy to find your Plant Personality!

The plants that make you feel happy say a lot about you. Discover your plant personality with my quiz!


About the Happy Plants Project


TV Gardener David Domoney is looking for the plants that make people feel happy as part of an RHS Chelsea Flower Show Discovery exhibit.

David is looking to demonstrate ‘The Positive Power of Plants’ – the fact that plants have a positive impact on our lives, mood and wellbeing.

The project began by asking people to simply nominate the plants that made them feel happy. From almost 4000 submissions we revealed the top 100 happy plants.

Now, David is asking people to narrow down the list even further! Choose the plants that make you feel happiest from the 100 frontrunners, and discover what this says about your ‘Plant Personality’.

The top 20 plants from this experiment will feature at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, in a Discovery exhibit sponsored by National Garden Gift Vouchers.

The Positive Power of Plants exhibit

This experiment will culminate in an exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (19 – 23 May). It will feature the top 20 plants, complete with special facial recognition cameras. These will monitor people’s expressions and engagement to determine which plant makes people feel happiest.

We are hoping to identify the best-loved plant that lifts people’s hearts and raise awareness of the importance that plants play in our happiness and well-being, in association with gardening charity Thrive.

Merseyside-based retail technology company, Premier EPOS, is developing the hardware that will help identify what people are looking at and how they are reacting.

Cameras will monitor eye contact, physical gestures and smiles or frowns to gauge visitor reaction to the top 20 plants.

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