Woodlands have performed an incredible feat, using the power of community to turn a cold and derelict space into an oasis of urban beauty.

Woodlands Community Development Trust is a charity whose goal is the long term regeneration of Woodlands area of Glasgow – its economy, its environment, its facilities and the ‘spirit’ of Woodlands. They support local people in shaping the future of Woodlands in ways that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative. What they have done here is created a thriving community garden and “outdoor community centre” that acts as a therapeutic space to help people to recover from the strains of everyday life.

Their key aims include supporting community-based education activities, promoting the health and well-being of their community, encouraging participation in community arts, and the advancement of environment protection.

The garden has over 50 raised beds where local people can grow their own food, and plenty of opportunities to get involved, including via their twice weekly volunteer sessions.