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Garden Name: Cultivate Calm

An oasis of calm in the city, cultivated by sustainable means.

Circular paved areas are hugged by abundantly-planted borders that increase in height as they envelop the garden, surrounding the homeowner in nature. Multi-stemmed trees add elegance and height to the planting.

Reclaimed materials are used for hard landscaping and rain water is harvested from the roof, via storm water planters, for use in the garden. Storm water planters also reduce run off into mains drains and help prevent flooding.

Bird boxes and a stumpery encourage beneficial birds and insects into the garden, helping to naturally control plant pests.

Finished Garden


Capel Manor

Capel Manor

Award: Gold Medal

Capel Manor


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Landscaping materials


Variety of plants


Variety of plants


Reclaimed bricks

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Variety of plants

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