Chichester College

chichester-college 2015 young gardeners of the year

From left: Neal Gould, Adam Thomas, Steve Millam, Josh Bateman, Lucas Ford

Splash the cache

chichester-final-design young gardeners of the year small garden design

Garden design

We have designed a secret retreat, a largely enclosed place to re-energise and unwind from the stress of a busy urban lifestyle. Within the seemingly simple design we have incorporated clever features to maximise water capture, as well as plants and wooden structures to support garden wildlife throughout.

How will your garden harvest water?

We have a living roof and a water barrel that saves excess water to be reused in the garden. Our planting is based around the use of plants that do not require much water, and we have novel systems for irrigation and water capture in the living walls.

Image: Theo Cohen

Finished garden. Image: Theo Cohen

What elements of the garden are sustainable?

We have used a range of recycled materials found by searching our whole college campus and the local community. We will be using old fence posts, re-used weathered corrugated panels, recycled tree stumps and wooden pallets as well as water troughs and salvaged watering cans. We have also used local salvaged stone from nearby quarries as a base and to enable natural drainage.

Why did you choose the planting scheme?

Our planting scheme is simple and the use of grasses softens the strictness of the vertical elements. We have provided a “cache” to escape from the environment of the city into a retreat and a space for peace and quiet mindfulness.

What is your favourite part of the garden?

We love the striking watering can cascade.

Image: Theo Cohen

Chichester winning a Bronze Medal. Image: Theo Cohen

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