The Design Brief

David Domoney Young Gardeners of the Year

This year’s brief focuses on creating a garden haven from a reclaimed urban space. The aim is to inspire city dwellers by showing just what can be achieved in urban locations.

The garden space should act as an escape from the pressures of inner-city life and bring a touch of nature to the heart of the metropolis, creating a sense of tranquillity for the homeowner.

It’s very important to me that the brief does not restrict creativity, so there are no restrictions on themes, subject matter or plant content. Garden designs may be traditional or contemporary – we actively encourage creativity and diversity of design as well as using modern methods to incorporate sustainability.

Show gardens should also inspire the judges by using clever plant association, with extra focus on plants that will survive the two-week show and still look good at the end (no mean feat!).

The garden should demonstrate an understanding of harmony and sustainability and incorporate a sense of proportion. Students should also make clever use of the vertical dimension in the construction, which is so important in small, urban gardens and terraces.