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Bunch of fresh radishes. SJ Allen/

Bunch of fresh radishes. SJ Allen/

Radishes are one of the first veg that most gardeners try growing as children. But they are rewarding for adults to grow too!

They are trouble-free crops that grow in any soil. The plants are often used to fill gaps between rows of slow-growing veg like carrots and potatoes.

Radishes can be ready to harvest in as little as four weeks, so they are ideal for impatient gardeners.

Get my free guide to growing your own radishes (PDF) here.

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It includes:

  • A guide to sowing seeds successfully
  • Growing advice
  • Watering tips
  • Secrets to peppery radishes
  • Propagation and seed-saving ideas

How to grow your own radishes. Free veg growing guide including sowing,   growing and harvesting advice for the kitchen garden