the positive power of plants at the chelsea flower show

As garden lovers, we know that plants make us happy. We have all experienced the uplifting feeling of seeing seeds sprouting and flowers opening.

That’s why I’m creating the Positive Power of Plants exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year. It’s the grand finale of my three-month campaign to raise awareness of the importance of plants.

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And you took part too. We asked you to vote for the plants that make you feel happy and discover your plant personality. And over 11, 000 of you did!

Of those 100 plants, the top 20 will feature in our Chelsea Flower Show exhibit from the 19th to 23rd May.

Here are the top 20 plants, voted for by you:


P.S. Missed out on your chance to take the Plant Personality Quiz? Never fear – it’s back by popular demand!

What do your favourite plants say about you? Find out now!

What is the Positive Power of Plants exhibit?

It is a technological exhibit in the Discovery section. It is based around a display of the 20 plants you have chosen along with special facial recognition cameras.

These cameras will scan the faces of the show’s visitors as they look at the plants, recording eye movement, expression and engagement. The software will use these and other measures to calculate which plants are the most popular.

Download our leaflet for more information (PDF)

The computers will also record the gender and age group of visitors, keeping track of the variation in plant preference among the different groups.

A second screen will show a live feed of the visitors as more facial recognition cameras randomly scan and pick out faces from the crowd. It will calculate their gender and age group, and show them the three most popular plants for their demographic.

At the end of the show, we will reveal the nation’s top Happy Plant.

We want to raise awareness of this positive power of plants. And to show how important gardening is for the soul.

Feeling inspired? Get involved online – Tweet me @DavidDomoney with your #PosPowerofPlants story!

Who is involved in this exhibit?

The Positive Power of Plants exhibit is being co-ordinated with gardening charity Thrive, which uses gardening as social therapeutic horticulture to help people living with disabilities and ill-health. Find out more about Thrive’s incredible work here.

The exhibit is sponsored by National Garden Gift Vouchers, a scheme run the Horticultural Trades Association. The most popular plants will feature on the new designs of the gift vouchers coming out later this year!

It is being created by Merseyside-based software company Premier Epos, which has developed the software and other technology.

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