Cooking Christmas dinner can feel like a huge responsibility, especially when you’ve got lots of people to cater for. But there’s no need to feel stressed on the big day, as long as you’re well prepared and don’t give yourself too much to do, you’ll be fine.

With a big meal like Christmas dinner, there’s really no need to make a full starter as well. The best thing to do is make a few little nibbles that are easy to assemble and can be handed out before you sit down. This takes some of the timing stress away as well, as your guests won’t be already sitting down at the table waiting if the turkey comes out a little pinker than expected.

Smoked salmon blinis always go down really well, and take minutes to throw together. You can either use ready-made blinis from the supermarket, or you can use toasted bread cut into Christmas shapes using a cookie cutter. Here’s my favourite recipe for some festive blinis:

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