Winds near the coast carry salt, which can affect your garden plants. Here are some simple additions to survive salt winds and save the day in your coastal garden.

Coastal care

Coastal gardens tend to be exposed to the elements and more extremes of weather. One of the challenges is salt. Salt in the wind can make leaves appear burnt. Even if you live a few miles inland, you may struggle with this problem in your garden.

Luckily there are ways to adapt your garden so that you can still grow perfect plants in your plot.

One general piece of advice with coastal climes is to ensure you increase the amount of water that you give plants subjected to salt wind or winds period.

Heavy air movement is known to dry out plants much quicker.

Salt in the wind, blown from across the sea, may also try vegetation or zap your soil beds of moisture, so watering is key.


Problem-free plants


Eucalyptus is hardy and tolerates salt winds extremely well.

Ideally, you want to go for a cultivar which has thicker cuticles on their leaves, like that of E. globulus, which has highly aromatic foliage.



These are very salt tolerant. Their low-growing and mat-forming habit show aromatic leaves are grey-white year-round.

You will also see small yellow flowers from summer to autumn.


Armeria maritima

This densely growing perennial will have compact clusters of pink flowers from late spring and throughout summer.

It’s hardy down to -15 degrees and so will survive salty winds just fine.


Euonymus japonicus

Euonymus do very well in coastal settings. Their small and glossy leaves leathery enough for exposed positions.

The cultivar ‘Green Rocket’ is an upright grower which would do well in smaller gardens.



Phlox subulata is hardy enough for sea-faring situations.

In fact, this mat-forming perennial has carpet of small linear leaves that give way to bright pink flowers in spring and summer.


So there you have it, a coastal setup needn’t mean you can’t have a lush green garden. Find the right care for the right plants and you will be enjoying a green oasis as well as sea views.

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