July: Summer is in full swing

As we step further into summer, we have a season of sun ahead of us. With the bright mornings and light evenings, we can spend so much time in the garden, planting, pottering about and enjoying our space.

For blooms that are bursting to life this month find out my top ten plants for July. Whilst our gardens are full of flowers, foliage, fruit and veg, they can also be home to pests and diseases. So keep an eye out and use this handy guide to spot any pests and how to keep control.

Thanks to everyone that joined me on my latest Facebook Live with Evergreen Garden Care where I gave my tips on picking the best plants at garden centres and tips on mulching in the garden.

You can catch my next Facebook Live on Friday 16th July at 4pm, supported by Hartman, where I’ll be sharing hints and tips for Summer Living and how to enjoy your garden this season. Then, for tips on seasonal gardening to make your garden ship-shape all year round, tune into my next Facebook Live with Yard Force at 4pm on Wednesday 21st July.

Until then, here are some vegetables that you can re-grow at home from leftovers!

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

With the risk of frosts looming, take these steps to protect your plants…


A great way of conserving water is to connect water butts to your drainpipes on your home, shed and greenhouse. There are many styles and sizes available.


Water early in the morning or evening to save water, because watering during hot weather can lead to it evaporating before the plants can access it.


Lock in moisture by adding a layer of mulch like Miracle-Gro® Peat Free Fibre Smart™ Mulch or bark chips. This will also help insulation and to suppress weeds.


When you’re away, leave houseplants in the bath on top of a wet bath towel. The plants can slowly soak up the moisture without being sat in stagnant water.

Top plants

Summer is in full swing and as we hope for a sunny season, you can bring cheer to your garden with these flowering and foliage plants.

Top job

Find out about some of the most common pests and diseases that you may spot in the garden and how to keep control of them naturally.

Plants for purpose

Having bright blooms in your beds and borders is one of the joys of gardening, and bringing them inside is a great way of having beauty and fragrance indoors.

Indoor gardening

Incorporate secret spaces in your garden as a place to relax alone or socalise with family and friends, surrounded by the sights and sounds of your garden.

Top Veg

Use this time to prolong the growing season by sowing and growing this veg to take you into the autumn months, or even for a quick summer harvest.

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