David Domoney Newsletter

June: Jubilee Celebrations


This June is a time for celebrations as it marks Her Majesty The Queen becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate 70 years of service. Up and down the country there are many events planned, from garden parties to the Party at the Palace.

Throw your own party by gathering together friends and family, setting up the barbecue, having a few refreshing summer drinks and getting involved in fun sports day.

Get your garden ready for the event by looking after your lawn and planting up some of my top plants for June.

From 20th June, it’s Rose Awareness Week where I’ll be sharing the beauty of one of the most popular plants in the world. I’ll be giving my top tips on how to grow the best roses and some of my favourite picks of Harkness Roses.

During June I’ll also be doing more Facebook Live shows. On Monday 13th June I’ll be going live with Hartman to give tips on growing summer salads and outdoor dining. Then, on Friday 24th June I’ll be giving more seasonal gardening tips courtesy of Miracle-Gro®.

You can also see me at Sunshine Garden Centre on 23rd June and Coolings Garden Centre on 30th June, both supported by Miracle-Gro®.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

During the spring and summer seasons when many plants are flourishing, some may need some added support.

Wigwams can be constructed out of bamboo canes in a triangular or square shape and fixed together at the top using twine. These are great for growing climbing beans or sweet peas.


Metal wires are a useful framework for training trees or climbing roses. They can be fitted against walls or fixed between posts to aid growing. The material means you can’t always see them too.


Trellises can be bought from the garden centre or be made. They are great for growing any climbing plant, and are useful for creating division in the garden for different sections of the space.


Tree ties may be necessary to give support to protect from wind rock. In this case, staking a tree with single stakes or multiple posts and tying with tree ties will provide a helping hand.


Top plants

June is an exciting month because risk of major frosts has passed so tender plants can be placed outside to enjoy the sunshine once again.

Giveaways galore

It’s your last chance to enter to win a Harkness Platinum Jubilee Rose that can bring visual beauty and a sweet fragrance to your garden.

Plants for purpose

These top plants are the perfect complement to your Platinum Jubilee celebrations this weekend. Plant a tree, a rose, or a container to mark the occasion.

Top job

Grow the best potatoes by earthing them up, which increases the length of the stems to protect early shoots and ensure the potatoes aren’t exposed to light.

Up for grabs

Be in with a chance of winning 1 of 10 bottles of Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed Liquid Plant Food to grow healthier plants.

Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate 70 years of service of Her Majesty the Queen, take matters into your own hands by using these tips to put on an event in your own garden.

Gardening gadgets

There’s an Oase AquaOxy 500 up for grabs to help your pond thrive by providing the perfect amount of oxygen for the flora and fauna.

Composting in the garden

Home composting allows you to turn your household waste into nutrient rich organic matter for your garden. You’ll get so much goodness from your compost bin.

Gardening gadgets

Be in with a chance of winning a Yard Force Cordless Aquajet Pressure Cleaner to take the hard work out of cleaning and maintenance in the garden.

Here are the winners from May:

Urban Composter
Michael O’Sullivan
Derek Taylor
Gillian Marsh

Harkness Easy Does It Rose

Oliver Roberts

Dave Glover

Jayne Underwood

Tracy Yeaman

DD Website
Anita Woodbridge
S Walker
Katie Sampford
Su Brett
Cecilia Slater

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics
Digger Mosey
Ian Fairhurst
Julie Francis
Katherine Elliott
Michael Straw
Fozia Akhtar
Diane Brook
Barry Danton
Lisa Tebbutt
Kat Comer

OASE PondoVac
Phillip Roseman

Yard Force – Cordless Grass & Hedge Shear
Eileen Grinham

Congratulations! Look out for even more prize draws throughout June…