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June: Here Comes the Sun!


After another glorious bank holiday, it is time to get your garden ready for summer, with the official first day of the season coming later this month.

Thanks to the wonderful Chelsea Flower Show’s conclusion last week, there is a great variety of inspiration to be taken. There were some particularly special and new varieties of roses displayed by my friends at Harkness Roses. One particularly worthy of note is ‘The Menopause Charity‘ rose, a compact and bushy Floribunda. The sales from this rose will contribute towards raising awareness of the symptoms of menopause, and go towards funds for the charity also. Beautiful, and raising money for a good cause.

On Sunday the 11th of June, I’ll be back in the gardening heart of Cheshire for a brand new event, helping you to Grow Your Own at home. Including a fun activity to entertain the kids, everyone can get involved in the beauty of producing food in your garden. Make sure to book so you don’t miss out!

If you are in the Essex area on the evening of the 21st of June, I’m hosting a gardening masterclass at Perrywoods Garden Centre in Tiptree. Not only will you learn some of my best gardening suggestions, but for a small charity donation, you could be one of 50 to receive a signed copy of my book, ‘My Houseplant Saved My Life’. Make sure you don’t miss out, and book your place now.

As we prepare for countless garden parties and opportunities to enjoy our outdoor spaces, get the best out of your garden this June by taking some inspiration from my website and YouTube channel.

Happy gardening!


June tip one how to tell if your plant is alive

Step 1. Look for new growth

If your plant has any green buds developing, there is a good chance that it is still alive. Look all the way down the stems and keep an eye out for a pop of green, particularly near the base of the plant. If you find any, you may not need to do the scratch test just yet!

June tip two how to tell if your plant is alive

Step 2. Scratch test

Starting high up on your plant (the furthest point from the soil), use a 10-pence piece (or similar) to scratch away some of the surface bark. If the stem is green under the bark, then that part of your plant is alive! If it is brown, then that part of your plant may need pruning.


Step 3. To the root

Keep working your way down the branches until you reach the base of the plant, the parts of the branches close to the soil. If you find your stems are only green there, then your plant may just need some delicate pruning.

June tip four how to tell if your plant is alive

Step 4. Give it time

If your plant has slight signs of life, then try leaving it for a few months, watering and feeding as needed. It might surprise you and bounce back! If not, and you can’t find any green stems, then it might be time to find a new plant to brighten up your garden.

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The best of Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Chelsea Flower Show 2023 has come to an end, and there were some truly wonderful gardens and new plant varieties to enjoy.

The perfect prize for your plants!

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How to grow your own for those with a sweet tooth…

Lots of us can’t resist the delicious draw of a sugary snack. But here’s the thing, some sugars are good for you. The best part? You can grow sweet treats yourself!

Clean up the competition…

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Here are the winners from May:

Harkness Roses ‘Easy Does It’ and ‘Guy’s Gold’:

Dan Hunter

James Garside

Lana Whale

Johan Watkins

Elaine Russinger

Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Performance Organics:

Marylyn Hammersley

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Wendy Preece

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Matty Hunter

Julie Feathers

Yard Force Jump Starter

Nicholas Gandy

Congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for other competitions in June.