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June: Soak up the sun!

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Summer is finally upon us this month, which brings warmer weather, more sunshine, and plenty of chances to get outdoors and enjoy our gardens.

This week, between the 3rd and 9th of June, is Garden Wildlife Week UK. Find ways to encourage wildlife into your garden using bird feeders, hedgehog highways, and increasing biodiversity too with a variety of plants. Read my blog to find out more about bringing wildlife into your garden.

If you missed any episodes of my new ITV show Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club airing Monday daytime, don’t worry, as you can find all episodes now on ITVX to enjoy at your leisure (UK residents only).

As summer begins and plans for garden parties and gatherings get underway, find out my summer gardening advice from my website and YouTube channel.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Attract garden wildlife

This Garden Wildlife Week, find out the best ways to encourage wildlife into your garden.

hedgehog drinking water june newsletter 2024 tip

Hedgehog Haven

Between May and June is hedgehog mating season, with the first hoglets typically being born in June. Support hedgehogs in your summer garden by leaving water and hedgehog-safe food out in the evenings, as they tend to be active at night. Provide sloped access to any water in your garden so they can climb in and out safely.

Butterfly on erysimum bowles's move

Beautiful Butterflies

Filling your garden with butterfly-favourite plants will attract them. You can do this in raised beds, window boxes, or hanging baskets. Different butterflies have specific favourites, but a tried and true butterfly plant is Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’, which when deadheaded regularly, flowers from spring to autumn.

Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees

There are many June-flowering plants which will attract bees to your garden, and diverse planting will be a great way to encourage them. Leave an area of your lawn wild if you can, as dandelions are great for bees. You could also install a bee house, either homemade or commercially bought.

Bird feeders June newsletter tip 4

Bountiful Birds

At this point in the year, many fledgling birds are making their first journeys out into the world. Bird baths and bird feeders are sure ways to encourage them into your garden in the summer. Make sure to have a variety of food available, from seeds to fat balls, as different birds have different diets.

New Video from David

In this latest video, find out how to identify and control problems in your Box hedges.

Answering Google’s Hollyhock Questions

These wonderful flowering spikes are a delight in garden borders. Find out the answers to Google’s questions here.

Win 1 of 10 AMES Tools Carbon Steel Digging Spades

These resilient digging spades can make moving large amounts of garden material easier than ever.

Top 10 Plants

Find out my top 10 June garden plant choices to consider for your garden, for wonderful colour and interest.

Win 1 of 3 Yard Force Grass & Hedge Shears

With an interchangeable blade head and 60-minutes of charge, this handy tool by Yard Force makes maintaining your garden much easier.

Win 1 of 3 Irrigatia SOL-C12L Solar Watering Kits

Leave watering your garden in the sun’s hands, with Irrigatia’s solar-powered irrigation kits.

Watch my video

In this latest video, find out how an Irrigatia watering system can help you to keep plants growing in small spaces cared for and healthy.

Alternatives to Box Hedge

Find out some of the best alternatives to box hedge, which are resilient to box blight and box moth caterpillar.

Win a set of 3 Hartman Scatter Cushions

Resistant to showers and UPF50+ protected, these vibrant cushions are perfect for outdoor use.

Pest & Disease Guide: Box Moth Caterpillar

Find out all about this pest so you can deter it from eating your box hedges.

Here are the winners from May:

Yard Force Lawn Mower:

Glenn Hutton

Irrigatia C12L Solar Watering System:

Ian Fox

Louise Craney

Jamie Larkin

AMES Tools – Patio Weeders

Filipa Alexandre

George Spedding

Sylvia Robbins

Michael Lambrianos

Glenn Hutton

Terry Noon

Mary Calleja

Jake Casey

Gill Wright

Grace Ewing

Hartman – Fabric Cleaner

Yvonne Dunn

Aaron Milne

Alisa Yates

Tracey Hallmark

Troy Easton

OASE Filtral 1500 Pump & Nozzle Kit

Laurie Hawkins

Congratulations to the winners!

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs, videos, competitions and winner announcements throughout June.