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March: Spring into the growing season

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March has finally come around once again and with it all the excitement and colour of the growing season.

This month, you can see me on stage at the Super Theatre at the Ideal Home Show where I will be talking about transforming your garden, and how indoor plants can benefit your wellbeing. Head to my website to check the dates I will be there, and make sure to book your tickets now to secure your preferred dates. I look forward to seeing you there.

Keep your eyes peeled for my new daytime TV show on ITV, Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, starting Monday 4th of March, and then every Monday at 2 pm until the 6th of May, or catch up whenever you please on ITVX.

I look forward to you tuning in to ITV on Monday!

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Plant shallots and onion sets

If you enjoy onions and shallots in your home-cooked meals, now is the perfect time to plant them to harvest in the late summer/early autumn.

Tip 1 onion sets

Choose your variety

There are a few different varieties that are certainly worth growing. Red, white, or even yellow onions are all popular with slightly different flavours. Some varieties are also likely to crop early or later, so consider this too when making your decisions.

Tip 2 onion sets prepare the ground

Prepare the ground

Your chosen planting site should be sunny, and the soil free-draining and weeded. Plenty of organic matter dug in such as compost or well-rotted manure goes a long way, as these plants have restricted root systems. Also, try to reduce acidity with some added lime in autumn.

Tip 3 onion shallot sets

Get planting

Plant your sets 2 cm deep in drills, spaced apart 5 to 10 cm. Then, cover them with fleece, as they can make a delicious snack for birds. You could also use a large container if you don’t have any ground space available, ensuring it is 45 cm in width and depth.

Tip 4 onion shallot sets weeding

Helping them grow

If there are any dry spells, water every 2 weeks, but make sure to stop watering once the bulbs have swollen in mid-summer. Weed between your drills regularly, as these plants don’t compete well, and their limited foliage creates an ideal environment for weeds to grow.

New Video from David

In this latest video, find out the answers to Google’s most asked questions about Gladioli, otherwise known as the ‘Sword Lily’.

Top Plants

Find out my suggestions of the best plants to grow in your garden this March for some interest and colour.

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Accessible Gardening

Make sure your garden has been designed to suit all of your needs with a few simple hints and tips.

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Top Job for March

Ornamental grasses add a lot of texture to your garden. Cutting them back now will help them grow back better in spring.

Here are the winners from February:

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Tony Heaton

Laura Love

China Callender

John Bowdidge

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Alison Latham

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Congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for other competitions and winner announcements throughout March.