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May: Warmer days ahead

Hi ,

As we welcome a new month, we can finally say a happy farewell to any risk of frost and we can more comfortably enjoy our gardens in the warmer weather.

I still have some garden centre visits coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I would love to see you there. Please find the list of garden centres I will be visiting here. Check their respective websites, and social media, or get in touch with your closest garden centre to avoid disappointment, as some events are already fully booked.

Chelsea Flower Show will be rounding out the month in a few weeks, so is a wonderful opportunity to be inspired for your garden designs, whether your garden be a large space full of potential, or a simple balcony garden you would like to add some cheer and colour to.

My new daytime TV show on ITV, Alan Titchmarsh’s Gardening Club, is still airing every Monday from 2 pm until the 13th of May, or catch up whenever you please on ITVX.

I look forward to you tuning in to ITV on Monday!

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Plant up summer hanging baskets

Plant up your summer hanging baskets early in the month to give the, time to establish before placing them in position.

tip one hanging baskets may 2024 newsletter

Step One

First, determine which type of basket you have: solid sides, or wire. I have used the latter, lined with moss to keep the soil and moisture inside. Make sure the lining has a few small holes for drainage.

Tip 2 may 2024 newsletter summer hanging baskets

Step Two

Fill your hanging basket about three-quarters full with peat-free compost. If you fill it too much, you won’t have room to place your plants and their roots in the space.

Tip 3 May Newsletter 2024 Summer hanging baskets

Step Three

Add your plants to your hanging basket. Make sure they are summer-flowering for baskets being planed now, which will produce bright flowers with some showy foliage to soften the edge of your basket. Trailing plants can also create a lovely waterfall effect.

Tip 4 May Newsletter 2024 Summer Hanging Baskets

Step Four

Now your hanging basket is planted, water it thoroughly and place it indoors in a porch or greenhouse, to give the plants time to establish whilst there is still a small risk of frost. After a couple of weeks, position it in its final position.

New Video from David

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Win 1 of 10 AMES Tools Patio Weeders.

This high-quality, carbon steel patio weeder is perfect for removing weeds and moss from between small gaps.

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Find out my top 10 May garden plant choices to consider for your garden, for wonderful colour and interest.

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The Oase Filtral 1500 pump will effortlessly create a healthy, water-based environment in your small ponds and pre-formed pools.

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Win 1 of 5 Bottles of Hartman Fabric Cleaner

The perfect cleaner to remove the toughest stains from your outdoor furniture fabric.

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Win a Yard Force 40V Cordless Lawnmower!

Make sure mowing your lawn is as easy as possible with this innovative cordless mower courtesy of Yard Force.

Get Gardening with Thrive

Thrive is a wonderful charity who have for many years endorsed the benefits of gardening for health and wellbeing.

They have produced a ‘Get Gardening’ information service to help make gardening easier, including inspirational stories, activities and ideas.

Find out more on their website about this wonderful service aiming to make gardening more accessible to all.

Here are the winners from April:

Yard Force Aquajet:

Wesbite – Neil Byrom

Instagram – Chloe Bates

Irrigatia C12L Solar Watering System:

Website – Andrew Wilde

Instagram – Jes Knight

Facebook – Julie Jones

AMES Tools – Lawn Aerators

Catherine Stewart

David Underwood

Richard Wink

Richard Byrant

Dean Allen

Mary Luckering

Layla Greening

Jem Hasan

Nina Green

Chris Williams

Hartman – Scatter Cushions

Steve Ballard

Congratulations to the winners!

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs, videos, competitions and winner announcements throughout May.