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November: Autumn is here!


As the autumn leaves fall, and the garden starts to slumber, our attention turns to preparing for winter in UK gardens, and the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Before the winter weather arrives, there are several gardening jobs that you can undertake that have a big impact on the garden. One task is to start protecting your borderline hardy plants. My blog on this topic highlights the options available to help you with this important task.

I’ve written a handy guide on how to remove tree roots and stumps. The guide tells you why you need to do this, and the options on what to do.

Within my plant recommendations for November are ten of my favourite blooms. There are some absolutely stunning flowers to behold in November, so have a read to see my selections.

I have a fantastic giveaway thanks to my friends at OASE. They have given me one of their brilliant biOrb Air 30 terrariums, and you could win by entering the draw.

Plus, there’s still a chance to win £500 in Amazon vouchers that will hopefully come in handy for your Christmas purchase.

For more helpful gardening advice and my handy tips, visit my website and YouTube channel.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Stock up bird feeders

Now is the time to help our native birds by stocking up your bird feeders. As food becomes more scarce, providing birds with some additional food sources, you’ll be doing your bit to help them thrive.

Blue tits feeding

Provide the birds with unsalted peanuts, oil-rich bird seed, and/or suet fat balls. And remember to provide them with fresh, clean water too. Look after the birds and they will help you with unwanted garden pests.

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New Blogs and Prize Draws

Top Plants

Find out my suggestions of the best plants to grow in your garden this November for some interest and colour.

How to Layer Plant Bulbs

Find out the technique of layer planting, which will ensure that you will have continually flowering plants through spring.

Win £500 of Amazon vouchers

By following me on my various social media channels, you could be in with a chance to win this amazing prize.

Top Job for November

Protect borderline hardy plants this month, so they are ready for the upcoming colder months and frosts.

Shop for Homeware

Find a range of homeware items to add a stylish flourish to your home.

Shop for Christmas

Find inspirational gift ideas for your family, friends, or yourself this Christmas.

Shop for Wildlife

Find a range of products to help you care and support wildlife in your garden.

Plants for Purpose

Make sure you choose the right plants best suited to alkaline or limey soil, for a thriving and healthy garden.

Growing guide: Echinacea

With their daisy-like blooms, Coneflowers are a staple of prairie planting and garden borders.

Win an OASE biOrb 30

Win an OASE biOrb Air 30, an automated terrarium that adds a touch of style to your home.

Growing Guide: How to grow Borage

Borage is a fantastically useful, easy-to-grow annual herb that will self-seed if the soil conditions around it are right.

Win on Twitter/X

Win 1 of 40 Christmas Tree Saplings.

Win on Facebook

Win 1 of 40 Christmas Tree Saplings.

Win on Instagram

Win 1 of 40 Christmas Tree Saplings.

Congratulations to my prize draw winners from October:

Yard Force Blower Vac and Mulcher – Website

Jo Ealand

Yard Force Blower Vac and Mulcher – Facebook

Craig Boneham

Yard Force Vita Tool Kit – Instagram

Ian Buckingham

Congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for other competitions in November.