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September: The Start of a Colourful Autumn

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The summer holidays are about to come to an end, and the kids are off to start a new year at school! With this reset, take some time to enjoy outdoor spaces for what remains of the summer season.

I have a brand new video out on YouTube answering Google’s most-asked questions about Roses! So, if you have any burning questions about this popular and beautiful bloom, watch it here now.

This September, I will be in the gardening Heart of Cheshire, at Bridgemere Show Gardens on Saturday the 16th of September, where I will be celebrating how to boost your physical and mental health through gardening. I will use my horticultural knowledge to advise you on how best to boost your well-being through gardening and spending time outdoors. You really don’t want to miss out on this one, so make sure to get your tickets here.

The Cultivation Street Competition has come to a close for another year, and it has been wonderful to see how embracing gardening has brought communities together across the country. Keep your eyes peeled on the Cultivation Street website for updates!

This September, enjoy the rest of the summer and embrace that late-summer sun. For advice and my best gardening tips, visit my website and YouTube channel.

Happy gardening!


Gardening tip of the month

Take cuttings from your geraniums

It is the perfect time to take geranium cuttings in late summer.

If you want to see more advice on taking cuttings and propagating, watch the full YouTube video.

Check over your geranium

Assess your geranium

Take a good look at your geranium plant. You want to make sure you choose to take cuttings that aren’t dead, diseased, or damaged, as this will give your cutting the best chance to thrive. The softwood stem should be no thicker than a pencil.

Take your cutting

Take your cutting

Make sure to use either a sharp pair of scissors or a near-new pair of secateurs. Make sure you cut through a node. Once you have cut your cutting, remove any excess leaves, and check for new flower growth.

dip your cutting in rooting hormone

Pot up your cutting

Dip the end of your cutting into some rooting hormone powder. Using a pen, pencil, or finger, make a small hole in your potted peat-free compost, and place your cutting into it. Firm it into place well.

Plant your cutting, then make more for a higher chance of success


Some cuttings don’t root, which is either just chance, down to a missed watering, or slight overwatering. So it is worth taking a few cuttings so you’re more likely to have a few successfully propagated plants. If you end up with lots of healthy established plants, gift them out to your gardening friends.

Top Plants

Find out my suggestions of the best plants to grow in your garden this September for some colour that lasts the rest of the summer.

Test your garden soil

These simple tests will tell you everything you need to know about your soil, so you know what is best to grow.

Win £500 of Amazon vouchers

By following me on my various social media channels, you could be in with a chance to win this amazing prize.

Top Job for September

Harvest your hardy annual and perennial seeds this September, and be able to grow more of your favourite plants next year for free.

Plants for Purpose

These lovely plants provide beautiful colour in the garden in late summer. Pick out some for your garden for a vibrant display.

Top Job for July

Sow biennials now to enjoy their beautiful colour in the future.

Growing guide: Cherry trees

This delicious fruit has been enjoyed worldwide for generations. Find out how to easily grow your own at home.

Improve your clay soil

These simple tips will improve your clay soil, by increasing drainage, enhancing the structure, and reducing pests.

Here are the winners from August:

Miracle-Gro® Evergreen 4in1 Winners:

Kim Carrarini

Laura Johnson

Adam Shellard

Pauline Hobday

Naomi Zammit

Angela Ferebee

Janine Houghton

Victoria Hunter

Emma Milam

Carol Johnstone

OASE Pondovac 3 Winners:

Debbie Winstanley

Harkness Chawton Cottage Rose Winners:

Rita Baralion

Josephine Pett

Steve Readman

Nina Motylinski

Caroline Smith

Congratulations! Keep your eyes peeled for other competitions in September.