expert gardening guide to soil David Domoney

Soil is pretty important. After all, you would not have any plants without it.

But it’s a complicated being.  It’s made up of loads of different materials, including rock and mineral particles, dead and decaying matter, air and water. Plus living organisms, from earthworms to fungus, yeast and bacteria.

Plants remove things from the soil. And if you want your garden to thrive, you have to replace those lost nutrients.

Taking care of your soil is vital, so I’m here to help. I’ve written a guide to garden soil – and the best part? It’s free!

I take you through the different types of soil that occur in gardens, and how to test yours. Then I look at the range of soil improvers to help with drainage, structure and nutrient levels.

I also explore how soil pH affects your plants, and how to test your soil. Finally, I look at plants that will thrive in different soil types.

You’ll be a soil expert in no time!