Winter weather is often a cause of concern for gardeners. If the snow falls, there are a few things to do to protect your garden from a blizzard. Here are 7 of my quick tips to help you deal with snow in the garden.

Tip 1

In snowy conditions gently brush snow from evergreen shrub and tree branches.

Snow is heavy and can weigh down branches making them bow and break.


Tip 2

Though you may worry about your spring bulbs – don’t!

They’ll be dormant and go to sleep for a little while and wake up when the weather begins to warm up.


Tip 3

Give tender plants protection by moving them into a conservatory, porch, greenhouse or under the eaves of your home to avoid wind damage.

Alternatively, gather containers together so they can shelter each other.


Tip 4


Protect your container plants from additional frost by wrapping them in horticultural fleece or bubble wrap to keep the roots at a stable temperature.

Tip 5

Water is particularly important to wildlife during the winter when natural supplies may be frozen.

Therefore, it’s vital to keep bird baths and water sources topped up with fresh water for birds.


Tip 6

Similarly, food can be scarce for birds, so making your garden an inviting space with fresh food and bird feeders is great.

You can also do this by planting shrubs that have berries for birds through autumn and winter such as holly, rowan, and pyracantha.


Tip 7

Once your plants are protected from the snow and you’ve ensured no plants are bowing or breaking – take pictures of the winter wonderland in front of you and enjoy it.


Preparing your garden for winter by protecting plants and ensuring they’re safe from frosts is the best thing you can do. But, if we get flurries of snow or a full blizzard, take care of your garden and ensure that any garden visitors are looked after too.

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