Here are some of my upmost favourite present ideas for the gardening fanatics of your family. All these seasonal suggestions are sure to put a smile of their faces. Plus, buying some of these gifts will go towards supporting our worthwhile wildlife and nature charities. So your pennies will definitely be well spent!

RSPB hanging bird table


This table comes with everything you need to start feeding your birds, including four strong chains, a hook, a detachable wooden divider. Plus, No-grow ground mix and Buggy nibbles!


YOYO extendable hose


This practical heavy-duty garden expandable YOYO hose extends to twice its length. Turn on the tap and watch as it fills with water. Once the water drains away, it retracts back to its original size.

From £25

Woodland Trust Eco plant labels


Pack of 5 plant labels made from recycled plant pots, each are solid, robust, with a slate-like feel. Wax pencil included, it’s perfect for labelling what’s growing in your garden and pots!


RHS Cyclamen collection


The pretty shades of hardy cyclamen are a beautiful sight in the garden when not many other plants are flowering. These little marvels can flower from autumn all the way to spring.

From £14.99

RSPB Anywhere bird bath


This versatile, durable bird bath can be used anywhere. Place on a lawn, soft ground, mounted on a ground spike, fitted around a garden pole or suspended from the chain fitting.


Mr Fothergill’s summer salad


A collection of 4 reliable Mr Fothergill’s seed varieties for delicious, fresh, summer salads. Seeds are prepacked along a fully biodegradable tape to make sowing really quick, easy and neat.


RHS Gardener’s Latin book


This RHS Latin for Gardeners is informative, entertaining and beautifully illustrated. Listing over 3,000 Latin names alphabetically it shows how names can reveal where a plant originates from.


Haws mist sprayer


Help indoor plants retain moisture in dry conditions, and do it in style with this 300ml metal mist sprayer-a delightful contemporary addition to your collection indoor gardening accessories.


Woodland Trust tree packs


Buy trees or tree packs from the Woodland Trust shop. You’ll find lots of varieties including trees that provide nectar and nesting sites for pollinators. 100% sourced and grown in the UK.

From £6.95

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