Why not grow your own soup bed, a plot of vegetables which you can harvest to make homemade soup?

Space for soup

To start, find a plot of level land that’s a least a metre wide and long so you can make your bed big enough to grow a variety of veg. If you’re limited on space, don’t forget that you can easily grow in pots and containers.

You might want to start by finding a soup recipe and growing those particular ingredients or, alternatively, you can grow your favourites and put together your own recipe. To garnish and sensationalise your soup dish, you will require some herbs and these can we added to the veg bed or separated out to grow on an indoor windowsill.

Beginner bests

Beginners to gardening might want to start with quick-to-crop favourites like radish, beetroot, spring onions and spinach. These can be sown from seed and harvested approximately every 2 months. The leafy growers, like spinach, are cut and come again so you can harvest some and they’ll grow back.

Another top tip, if you’re planting with kids and want to see fast results, is to buy supermarket herbs and plant them out for a quick and easy selection to add to your soup.


Ready recipes


The top soup recipes are always simple.

This is the best way of making sure all your ingredients harvest at the same time.

Go for one main ingredient, something bolstering and flavoursome and then garnish with herbs or harvests that can be stored, like onion and garlic which you can freeze after harvest. One of my favourites is pea and mint soup.

Peas are sown in flat-bottomed trenches during spring. For most varieties, you’ll need to provide support for the plants to grow upwards. Ensure your pea plants are watered well so that the pods swell.They’ll be ready to harvest for spectacular soup from mid-summer onward.

Check out my recipe below:

Perfect pea soup


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