For a houseplant that will make a statement, the flamingo flower is sure to deliver. The red heart-shaped spathes of Anthurium andraeanum add an exotic beauty to your interior. With interest all year round, this isn’t a houseplant to ignore.

All about the flamingo flower

There’s a lot to know about this striking plant. Firstly, it’s botanical name comes from the Greek words ‘anthos’ which means flower, and ‘oura’ which means tail. This tail is referring to the spadix which is the yellow or sometimes pink spike packed with tiny flowers.

Upon first glance, you may think that the red spathes are the flowers, but these modified leaves actually have the purpose of protecting the flowers. Flamingo flowers are most commonly found with bright red spathes, but they can also be found in pink, white, and mauve. The flowers are long lasting, and flowering continues throughout the year too.


Lots to offer

Anthurium andraeanum doesn’t just look the part, but it has plenty to offer as toxin removal. Research has shown that that it removes xylene from the air which is found in printing, rubber, leather, and tobacco smoke. Removal of this chemical compound can reduce headaches and drowsiness.

According to feng shui, flamingo flowers are great for bringing good luck in your relationships. Unsurprisingly, the red spathes make this plant the perfect gift to give to loved ones.

One thing to be aware of is that this plant is harmful if eaten. Therefore, it’s best to keep it away from pets and children.


Caring for Anthurium andraeanum

A position with plenty of indirect light is best at room temperature that doesn’t drop below 15°C (60°F). Native to Columbia and Ecuador, try to mimic the conditions of its origin countries by misting regularly to create high humidity.

Keep the plant happy by watering regularly to keep the soil moist during growing season and adjust accordingly during winter. Keep the flowers and foliage growing their best by feeding with a houseplant fertiliser every 2 to 3 weeks.

At its ultimate height, the flamingo flower reaches up to 50cm tall and 30cm wide. With this growth it’s best to repot the plant every two years. Around this time, you may notice roots starting to grow through drainage holes. When repotting, use a good quality peat-free houseplant compost.


Now you know all about the flamingo flower, you can have a stunning new addition to your houseplant collection. For more inspiration on indoor gardening, check out my book My Houseplant Changed My Life published by DK books.

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