Now we have stepped into a New Year, you may be faced with a spot where your Christmas tree stood through the jolly period. Replacing your Christmas tree with a houseplant is a great way to keep that greenery indoors.

The Christmas tree is really a statement in the home through December, so opting for a non-festive houseplant alternative for the rest of the year will fill the gap, whilst looking marvellous.

So, here are some of my top houseplants to replace your Christmas tree:

1. Yucca elephantipes (spineless yucca)

First up is the yucca, a striking upright plant that is great for a contemporary home for a sophisticated addition. Their thick stems and straight sword-shaped leaves will make quite a statement in your room, just like your Christmas tree.

A lover of sun, they should be placed in a brightly lit area and turned slightly every now and then so that each part of the plant gets sunlight. Water when the top couple of inches of soil have dried out as overwatering can harm the plants.


2. Chamaedorea elegans (parlour palm)


Next is a popular palm. Like their name suggests, these are elegant looking palms that have flowing fronds that will bring a softness to your décor. Their full appearance is down to a few plants being planted into one container to give a bushier effect.

These plants prefer low light, as too much light will scorch their leaves. Water the parlour palm when the soil dries out, as the roots will rot if sat in water.

3. Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant)

Unsurprisingly, the common name of Swiss cheese plant is due to the holes in the leaves resembling Swiss cheese! These tropical plants are extremely popular within households, as they add a touch of the tropics. So, what a way to replace your festive decorations?

A position with plenty of indirect light is best and water regularly to keep the soil moist. These plants can need a bit of support when growing, so thin canes can be used on taller stems.


4. Ficus elastica (rubber plant)


The thick, rubbery leaves have a glossy texture that will bring a shine to your interior. What’s more, this ornamental plant can even grow to 3m tall, so you’ll be sure to find one that will fill the space left after the festive period.

It’s ideal to place these plants in a spot which is brightly lit, out of indirect light and water little and often to keep the soil moist. Again, this plant may benefit from a bit of support from canes when it is growing.

5. Schefflera arboricola (umbrella plant)


Last, is a beautiful indoor tree that will undoubtedly bring some interest to your living space with the umbrella shaped foliage. These are fast growing houseplants and will be sure to fill a gap nicely.

Umbrella plants will thrive best in a place with bright, filtered, or indirect light. Water the plants when the top couple of inches of soil has dried out to keep the soil moist.

In no time, you’ll have filled the space where your Christmas tree used to be, and you’ll have another wonderful plant in its place. To find out more about houseplants and why they are so special, you can pre-order my book My Houseplant Changed My Life here.

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