Make your own compost bin at home in minutes!

Follow my step by step guide to find out how to build your own bin for home composting…

Step 1

To start your compost bin building project, pick up four wooden pallets. Many shops and wholesalers will give these away for free.


Step 2

Arrange the pallets into a square, so that the four sides enclose what will be used for storing the compost.

Pallet compost bin

Step 3

Attach three of your pallets together using a drill and screws. Your new compost bin is starting to take shape now.

Pallet compost bin

Step 4

On the fourth pallet, attach to hinges to act as a gate and allow wheelbarrow access.


Step 5

Fix the door to the three-sided compost bin with the hinges.

Pallet compost bin

Step 6

Add a gate latch to secure the door.

Pallet compost bin

The next task is to add a lining. You can do this with plastic, but I recommend that you fill the sides and base of the bin with cardboard. The cardboard will help retain any material you add to your bin and over time it will rot down and enhance your compost too.

Congratulations you have created your own compost bin.

Remember to make sure that air can flow through the heap and turn it regularly. Also before placing a fork into the heap, please check for hedgehogs, as they’ll love to live in this warm retreat.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a space to store your homemade compost in no time!

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