You’ve seen the show, now check out what happens behind the scenes!

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David Domoney recording a voiceover in the SpunGold studio for Love Your Garden 2014

When you hear my disembodied voice on the show saying “and now we’re doing this or going there”, it’s actually a voiceover that’s recorded separately to the filming. I go down to London regularly to record it in a studio near Oxford Circus.


Photo through a wooden pallet during filming of Love Your Garden at Capel Manor College Gardens

This is a picture taken through a wooden pallet. We are on location at Capel Manor College near Enfield, and Frances and I are making furniture out of old pallets. It was a tough day because it rained on and off, but we had great fun creating a table and some planters from recycled wood.


France Tophill hiding in her coat during filming at Capel Manor for Love Your Garden

As usual when we are on site, it poured down with rain in between takes and the team had to seek cover! Here is Frances, wet and freezing cold, using her coat as last resort to keep herself dry.


Love Your Garden Sound technicians Grant and Matt

Back on the main garden site, here is Matt and Grant, our two sound guys, who are posing for the camera. They’ve known each other for years and worked together on loads of projects. Now by chance, they have ended up together on Love Your Garden!


Guy painting a fence panel covered in paint on Love Your Garden series 4 episode 5

Here is Guy painting a fence panel, and it looks like some cheeky seagulls have been using his back as a toilet! We’re by the seaside in Devon, and the birds are everywhere. Actually it’s just splashes of paint – well that’s what he says, anyway!


Love Your Garden team sit down for lunch in wheelbarrows on the set of new series 4 episode 5

Here is Alice, our director and Max, our associate producer having lunch. They are using the only furniture available to rest for their ‘sit-down meal’. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in the gutter by the side of the road! Apparently there weren’t enough wheelbarrows for us all to use as chairs, and they got them first, the lucky things!


lads-from-frosts landscapes on set of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh having a rest in the shade during the makeover

This is a group shot of the lads from Frosts Landscapes. From left to right we have Jon, Kevin, Sam, Shaun and Matt. They are having a well-deserved rest after a particularly strenuous makeover in quite hot conditions.


martyn from Frosts Landscapes sleeping on the set of Love Your Garden behind the scenes photos

Here is Martyn lying down having a kip. He’s the chief carpenter at the show, and he works really hard, but every now and again he needs to have a little rest!


Martyn from Frosts Landscapes with suncream on his face on Love Your Garden

This is Martyn’s warpaint, when he’s got suncream under his eyes and on his nose. He says this is to protect him from being stung by a wasp!


david-domoney-frances-katie-painting a bottle for French coast garden in Devon for Love Your Garden

Here is a picture of my painted glass bottle. Each of the presenters had to paint one to put in the garden.


david domoney painted a glass bottle on Love Your Garden series 4 episode 5

I painted poppies in a field, using two colours of green with red flowers – I didn’t think it looked too bad actually!


8-David-Domoney-bank on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Here I am at the top of the bank where I had to plant the trees to hide the power station. It was hard work getting up there, never mind digging up all the mud and stones that were in there! It was very hot that day and I wore quite a thick shirt, so I was sweltering.



I was up that tree trying to pull out the ivy and other branches…

up-tree-view from David Domoney on set of Love Your Garden

…when I managed to get a photo for you guys of what I could see! I was looking out over the garden, watching everyone else at work.


frances tophill digging the garden makeover on Love Your Garden

Poor Frances – whenever I seem to look at her, she’s always got a spade in her hand and is digging over border after border! Here she is preparing this one for the plants that are due to go in.


katie-painting-drums on Love Your Garden for the French coastal garden

Katie drew the short straw and ended up painting all of those oil drums to put in the garden as planters. When they were in position, it looked to me more like the funnels off a ship than the French flag!


cool-canvas guys built the children's play area on Love Your Garden episode 5 series 4

These lads were from Cool Canvas, and they were a brilliant help. They put in a lot of the children’s play area and the walkthrough, but they stayed an extra day to help us all finish putting it together. Cheers guys!


group-shot at the end of the coastal garden make over on Love Your Garden for the new series 4 episode 5 with David Domoney, Frances Tophill, Katie Rushworth, Cool Canvas and Frosts Landscapes

This is a shot of all the group from the makeover. We all got together for a big group photo at the end of the shoot, and it’s a lovely picture.


strawberries for Wimbledon at Love Your Garden episode 5 series 4

Wimbledon was on the TV while we were filming, so naturally we were eating strawberries and cream. I’ll have a bit of that! Lovely.