You’ve seen the show, now check out what happens behind the scenes!

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Street for Love Your Garden makeover is ready for plants and features to go into the garden for filming

You can always tell which house is getting a makeover by ITV’s Love Your Garden – the front is packed out the front with plants, tools, vans, aggregate, paving slabs and a host of others. Here is a classic shot of what is happening when everything arrives. It’s ready to go in and start transforming the plot into something spectacular.


Love Your Garden Spungold associate producer Thea eating a banana plants list from Love Your Garden

Here is Associate Producer Thea, the cheeky monkey, with a banana! There was a banana plant that we put into this show to give it a tropical theme. Thea grabbed some bananas from the catering van and stuck them on the plant. Everyone who saw it was amazed that the tree had fruit on it! “I can’t believe it is producing bananas!” they said. It wasn’t. Thea just put them there. And ate them afterwards.


Alan Titchmarsh planting a palm tree in Love Your Garden ITV tropical garden episode 6

Here’s Alan planting that massive palm in the corner. It always looks like the garden is fairly empty when you see it on TV, but as you can see here there are always loads of people around, including landscapers and the film crew. There’s even someone up on the roof of the summer house! Action is going on all the time when we’re doing these makeovers.


David Domoney Thea Pitcher and Frances Tophill on Love Your Garden behind the scenes

Next is Thea, Frances and myself. Thea finds most of the plants and features for the garden and co-ordinates them from the different suppliers, with different deliveries. It’s a mammoth task, and she does a great job.


Love your Garden ITV 2014 Series 4 directors and cameraman

Here we are filming the piece about water in the garden. The director Alice and cameraman are saying get your shorts on and get in the water David! They told me to walk in rather than jumping in, which is actually worse. It’s freezing cold and I had to swim down to the bottom, pop up on the surface, deliver a line and dive back down again. I managed to swallow quite a bit of water, which had a distinct taste of… er, duck poo.


Frosts Landscapes Matt and Jon hard lanscape aggregate paving and stones

Here are the hard landscapers from Frosts, Jon and Matt. These lads are hard-working guys with a real can-do attitude, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them throughout the whole series.


Capel Manor gardens in Enfield visited by David Domoney for Love Your Garden

We do quite a bit of filming at Capel Manor Gardens – if you haven’t visited it, it is amazing. It’s like Chelsea Flower Show all year round. There are loads of mini show gardens there for people to visit. Here’s the beautiful lavender-lined path that leads up to the main house. It’s phenomenal place to go. Check it out at


Guy on set of Love Your Garden

Guy is always getting into these blogs! Here I caught him sitting down and would you believe it – he’s wearing odd socks! He does a lot of these things and always gets away with it. He’s our runner, and I had wondered why he wasn’t running very fast – but now we know! Odd socks, and probably an odd smell coming from them too!


Love Your Garden directors discussing filming and plants in episode 6

Here are the two directors, Alice and Natalie explaining something they want me to do. I’m not sure what they are trying to indicate with their hands, but it was making me a bit nervous! While that’s going on, you can see Matt off to the side. By the look on his face, he’s obviously eyeing up somebody who’s walking in the street! Disgraceful.


Steve cameraman for Love Your Garden with cement on his camera

Here’s our cameraman Steve giving me a filthy look for getting a big blob of cement on his camera! When he shouts ‘action!’ and I’m busy slapping down the cement, he’s got to learn to move back a bit. What else does he expect?


David Domoney front garden design topiary plants and garden for Love Your Garden

This is a picture of my front garden design for the show. I spent a bit of time with my team in the office putting our heads together for ideas before I went off on site. We wanted to create a nice-looking front garden – here’s the original sketch. We had to do some serious scrabbling around to find plants and features at short notice.


David Domoney finished front garden on Love Your Garden green topiary foliage plants list

And here’s the final result! There’s me, with a cheesy grin, looking at our lovely green garden. I thought it was important to give each front garden a different personality, and I knew the girls would both do something flowery. I chose to do mine all with foliage, and we came up with this topiary concept.

I loved it, and it was great fun to do. Every front garden looked amazing! Find out more about my campaign to bring back front gardens.


Sound guy from Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

This is our sound guy Mike. Talk about a sound expert – he looks like he’s going to do a DJ set in Ibiza! Especially with that hat. It was his favourite hat, apparently. He looks like a dude, and he controls all the sound as we record the programme.


David Domoney Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth on Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

It looks as if we’re all working back in the kitchens at Pizza Express! Three munchkins, eh? We’re supposed to wear these plastic covers on our shoes so we don’t walk mud into the house when we use the loo. I put one on my head and it made such a good hat, the girls copied it. It’s my favourite photo of the series!


Alan Titchmarsh carrying a table and bench on Love Your Garden series 4 episode 6

This is the panicked bit at the end of the makeover, when we’re rushing to get everything together in time! We’re putting the finishing touches to the makeover. Here’s Alan moving the furniture into position.


Love Your Garden team at the finished makeover site garden

Here is the team waiting outside while Alan shows Joan around the garden. Everybody is tired out. Right in the middle there is Shaun, one of our ace landscapers. He’s sitting down and playing Angry Birds on his phone! It was a great makeover.