The garden makeovers on Love Your Garden are total transformations, designed to make a real difference to our families.

But we hope too that you find inspiration for your own garden.

Whatever your budget, or the size of your space, you can give your garden a new lease of life.

Here’s how to get the look from the first episode of series five.

1 The primary plant list


The whole garden had a woodland theme, and it really worked with the playful children’s area. It featured the great Betula utilis jacquemontii tree, with its stunning white bark. We also planted Acer griseum and Amelanchier lamarckii trees in the garden.

Other woodland plants included muscari, dog tooth lilies and viburnum tinus. And we used different varieties of primula: Primula veris (cowslip), Primula rubens and Primula denticulata alba for those white, globular flower heads.

We also put in a beautifully scented low hedge with osmanthus burkwoodii.

Elsewhere around the garden, we planted lungwort, aquilegias, tiarella, tellima grandifolia, wood anemone and ‘Brunnera Jack Frost’.

See more photos of the finished garden!

2 The Grow Your Own raised beds


Raised beds are a great way to grow crops because you can create soil depth without digging. Plus, you don’t need to bend over as much!

You can make them at home by simply nailing planks of wood together to form a rectangle. Many people use old scaffolding boards from reclamation yards for the timber.

Grow whatever fruit, herbs and vegetables you like in them. Just make sure to keep everything well watered.

We planted the herbs sage, thyme, chives, fennel, rosemary and marjoram. We also put in carrots, garlic and rhubarb as crops, and Alpine strawberries for the children.

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3 Plants for height


This garden had loads of wall and fence space. But plants can always be used to cover walls and make them look nicer.

If you don’t want plastic plants, here are some great climbers and plants for height.

Try climbing hydrangeas, Lonicera halliana (honeysuckle), Heucherella ‘Tapestry’, Clematis cartmanii ‘Avalanche’ and fragrant jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides).

We also used shrubs for height: spirea arguta, dicentra alba and pieris japonica.

Feeling inspired? Visit Love Your Garden’s website for details on the wooden teepee, canvas prints and Mode paving by Bradstone.

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