The Love Your Garden team had a great time doing this garden makeover in Cornwall. Here’s all the photos from behind the scenes!


1 I’ll start with a shot of the van. All the wheelbarrows are lined up with our other equipment, ready to get out and get started on the makeover. It always surprises me how tidy that van looks because as soon as those barrows are out, it becomes a dumping ground.



2 Tam and I are getting cracking on the paving. Tam is a very skilled at paving and grafts really hard. Our biggest frustration on Love Your Garden is that as soon as the paving is down, everyone is trying to walk all over it. It’s a full-time job to keep their muddy boots off our patio.



3 This is Kevin, who had to paint the inside of the raised beds with waterproofing. The paint has an awful smell of fish, so here is Kev, feeling a bit sick as he’s having to paint all this treatment on. He definitely got a bad job on this episode!



4 Next we see Sam, who’s our chippie and Tam, who helps with paving and walling. The two of them are currently arguing over who is controlling what floor space. We are trying to get people off the woodwork and off the paving at the same time.



5 Here is Katie and Will, one of our producer-directors, sitting down and taking a well-earned break. It’s funny how we always have a tendency to use the digger as a seat. It’s that or the pavement!



6 Meet Max, our associate producer on this episode. He’s having a snack. I’ve just got one thing to say about this. Max: you are what you eat!



7 Next up is the plasterer who came in to help on this episode. And I can’t believe it – during lunch, he spilt his food. He just tipped it all over the posts that we had stained blue ready to go in the garden. We made sure he cleaned that up.



8 Max is here with series producer Colin and director Hayley. They are taking part in serious negotiations in the kitchen over a quick cappuccino. It’s important business only on Love Your Garden.



9 Another photo of Max. He’s all over this blog! Here he is with the water feature gold fish bowl over his head. He takes a really great photo, and looks like an amateur astronaut. In fact, he’s very much a low-budget Buzz Lightyear.



10 What are these guys doing? Here is Frances, Kevin and Sam thinking that they are relaxing in a hot tub. But that’s not a spa and there’s no water, never mind any bubbles. Come on guys, get out of there and back to work.



11 Here is Kevin (again) with Adam. They are just using the telehandler to get that massive concrete tube into the garden. It’s heavy work but at least they are enjoying themselves.



12 I love this photo of our cameramen. It’s a stunning shot of Simon (on the left) and Stef. They are just ready to film us doing some chat to camera.



13 Next we see the robot being programmed in to work in the garden. It was a little robot lawnmower that was doing all the hard work for us. It was great fun to play with – I’m thinking of getting one for my garden!



14 Here is Alex, our runner. He’s spending the day painting fences – badly. He seems to get more paint all over the windows, his hands, my jacket, the plants and Alan’s arms than on the wood. Keep this guy away from fence stain! But he works hard on the gardens so we’ll let him off.



15 This is a shot of Alan with his fence. This part of the garden seemed to take forever and we worked so hard on it. There were hundreds of slats that needed painting – I ruined two pairs of jeans with that stain. But I’m still not as bad as Alex.



16 This photo shows everyone coming together for a scene. And who’s that getting ready for his piece to camera? There’s Alan hiding behind that hedge. You can see Katie, Kevin, Sam, director Colin and cameraman Stef standing out of the camera’s shot.



17 This is a great group snap of the Frosts Landscapes lads with Will coming in on the side and giving Matt the bunny ears. That must have amused Kevin judging from the look on his face. They are all hard working lads having earned a well-deserved rest.


Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of Love Your Garden! Check out the before and after photos of the garden here.

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